Five Things to Know About Buying a Memory Foam Mattress for Pets and Children

Many people decide to buy a memory foam mattress in order to extend the life of their current mattress. Interestingly enough, even if your current mattress is new, or in good shape, you may find that a foam mattress will be of some benefit. Even if you don't use it on your own mattress, you may find that you want to use it on a kids bed used by a child or a pet.

Foam Mattress Characteristics

One of the best things about a foam mattress is its ability to provide support without creating an excessively hard surface. Because the foam conforms to the shape of your body, you will never need to worry about springs pushing into your ribs or kidneys. On the other hand, they are still soft enough to help you feel comfortable. In many cases, people with all kinds of sleep problems, or pain prefer a foam mattress to regular ones.

Buying a Foam Bed for Your Pet

As you may be aware, animal bones and joints tend to age faster than human ones. If your pets sleep on the floor, or the couch, they are likely to develop joint problems faster than you anticipated. That said, when your pets have a foam bed to sleep on, they will have a firm surface that supports their body weight. At the same time, the mattress will also retain body heat that will enable older pets to feel more comfortable.


Foam Pet Beds for Your Cat

No matter how large or small your cat is, he/she needs a separate place to sleep. While you may be tempted to just throw a cushion on the floor, your cat is sure to appreciate a foam bed.  Among other things, these beds are much more comfortable.  Unfortunately, many people to do not realize that cats suffer from joint pain almost as often as dogs.  The only way to ensure that your cat does not develop arthritis is to provide a supportive foam cat bed.

Buying a Foam Topper for  Kid's Beds

Today, researchers are finding out that poor posture and back problems often stem from bad mattresses that children sleep on.   Even though your child may not complain about discomfort while sleeping, it can still wreak havoc on his/her life.  Aside from joint and bone issues, it can become very hard for your child to fall asleep.   You may even be surprised to find that uncomfortable mattresses can lead to nightmares.  Once bad sleep habits set in, they can lead to many other problems.

Interestingly enough, diseases such as diabetes are directly tied to the body's natural time clock.  As a result, when your child has a hard time sleeping because of a worn or uncomfortable mattress, it can cause serious consequences later on in life.  Fortunately, foam beds can provide an inexpensive alternative to replacing an old mattress.  They will also provide support that is vital to ensure bones and joints develop properly.  Without a question, if your child tends to slouch during the day, it will become even worse if a bed mattress allows similar positions during sleep time.

Choosing a Memory Foam Bed for Your Child

If you are searching for a foam bed for your child, it is important to think about the density of the foam.  In general, denser mattresses will be harder, and provide more support.  That said, your child may prefer a softer mattress.  As may be expected, you may have to test out a number of mattresses before you locate one that will protect your child's posture, as well as ensure the maximum amount of comfort.

Each year, thousands of people look for new ways to keep their pets and children as comfortable as possible.  Typically, this eventually leads to questions about sleeping accommodations.  If you have ever had to deal with a lumpy mattress, or worn springs, then you can readily understand why pets and children will also suffer from mattress related issues.  Fortunately, foam mattresses offer you an inexpensive way to provide an additional level of comfort. You may even be surprised to find that a number of outwardly unrelated behavioral and health problems will subside once your pets and children are able to get a good night's sleep.

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washable dog bed 6 years ago

You should just buy your dog it's own bed. You'll be able to get it for a lot cheaper. They even have special types that are waterproof and washable. Check them out, they're great!

Pet Beds

Sleep number bed problems 5 years ago

I don't think memory foam beds for dog are any good.

SuperiorInteriors profile image

SuperiorInteriors 5 years ago from San Diego, California Author

Sleep number bed problems -

What makes you say that? Personally, I have lots of reservations with letting children sleep on memory foam... and I do not think it's good at all to let infants sleep on them (though some might disagree with me there). But I've never known there to be any problems with dogs or cats sleeping on memory foam mattresses. They aren't prone to the same suffocation issues as young children are.

superfly47 profile image

superfly47 3 years ago from Canada

Never thought of giving a mattress for pets before.

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