Memory Foam Mattresses Provide Total Orthopedic Support

If you have a lumpy old mattress and it doesn't give you much support or if it's very uncomfortable because it's lumpy or simply worn out, consider replacing it with a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam can mold to your body so that you get comfortable, complete support. That means that even if you have orthopedic problems like a bad back, memory foam can help you sleep comfortably because memory foam provides perfect alignment of your spine, such that areas that would be painful in a normal mattress can be simply supported to your specific body type and shape so that you get the best night's sleep possible.

Memory foam is also called viscoelastic foam; it was first developed by NASA for the astronauts in the space program. However, it has become a very popular sleep option because of its body molding technology; this technology provides a customized, completely comfortable sleep surface that users have described as "floating on air," so that there are none of the problems normally associated with mattresses that are too hard, too soft, etc., as might be true of a traditional inner spring mattress. Instead, a memory foam mattress alleviates all pressure points, so that sleep is completely comfortable and luxurious.

Price doesn't have to be a detriment

Unfortunately, a complete memory foam bed can be quite expensive, with a good quality memory foam mattress running upwards of $2000. If you have the money for that type of thing, of course then price will not be a detriment to you. However, if you can't afford a complete foam mattress, you can simply opt for a foam topper that will give you many of the same benefits on your current mattress as a complete memory foam bed would, without the cost. And of course, if you have a "perfectly good" mattress that's just a little bit uncomfortable for you, a memory foam topper can let you keep your perfectly good mattress and simply add a little bit more comfort "on top," for usually what costs about $100.

Whether you buy a memory foam bed or simply a foam topper, memory foam helps align your spine perfectly so that you no longer have "pressure points" that can cause pain and discomfort when you sleep. So instead of waking up with an aching back, you wake up refreshed and ready to face your day. Many manufacturers, in fact, offer a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can try a memory foam mattress out before you permanently plunk down your hard-earned money for it. Or, you can visit several retailers and test several out by lying on them before you decide which one to buy.

When you get your memory foam, make sure you let it "breathe" and fully expand for 48 hours before you try to sleep on it. That's true whether you get a memory foam mattress or simply a foam topper. Once you do, though, get ready for the ultimate in sleep comfort, and no more pressure points or sore spots when you wake up in the morning.

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Anselmo 23 months ago

268We bought this and it aired for a week, then it is ponsotiied on our bed to try it out. But, the smell was still so toxic, that within minutes we had terrible headaches and felt sick myself. We immediately removed her and dragged her into another room (it is hard and you need two people to go a queen size one). But, our beds and mattresses were completely out of date by the smell and also with the limited exposure. Now we are all the washing of bedding and regular air mattress to get rid of the smell. How can people tolerate sleeping on this thing? We have to give back.100

Zavrina 23 months ago

Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thunafkl for your help.

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