Memory Foam Mattresses and REM Sleep

REM sleep also known as Rapid Eye Movement is a state of rest in which your body begins to dream and your body is at total rest. Many people who suffer from REM disorder do so because of stress and they cannot get to a point of rest where their body relaxes. Work, life and general aging also factor in when getting a good night sleep. One of the ways to combat these triggers is to take a look at your current mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are not designed like a standard mattress; there are no coils or springs to support your weight. Air beds do not support your weight evenly and water beds have no support at all. The only logical choice is a memory foam mattress because its design allows you to sink into the foam while the polyurethane holds you in place. You are not confined while sleeping on this type of mattress but rather held so your body can begin to relax and REM sleep can occur.

If somebody suffers from REM disorder they cannot sleep deep enough to let their muscles relax and without your muscles getting their much needed rest you will be fighting soreness and stiff joints. Once fatigue sets in from lack of proper rest you have more sick days being used and job performance suffers for the employer.

REM disorder can be alleviated with a therapeutic, quality memory foam mattress.
REM disorder can be alleviated with a therapeutic, quality memory foam mattress.

It's never really known if somebody suffers from REM sleep disorder unless they are diagnosed by a medical doctor. Few people ever take their poor sleeping habits to a doctor so they suffer on the same mattress that causes their insomnia or worse, lack of sleep that causes health problems. Our bodies need at least eight hours of sleep to regenerate our minds and bodies, if we don't get that minimal amount we can't function properly.

A memory foam mattress is not a cure for REM sleep disorder; it is however an alternative to the archaic coil and spring mattress that causes more problems than solutions. If you have ever laid down on a memory foam mattress then you know once your body sinks into the foam surrounding you feel more stable than before. Even if you toss and turn a lot due to poor sleep habits a memory foam mattress will still contour to your body and hold you snuggly in so you can feel cradled and fall asleep faster.

People who have decided to change their lifestyle by eating more healthy and exercising will often find that their old mattress is not giving them the support they need to feel rested. The fact that there have been slow changes in mattress manufacturers who offer products to help their customers sleep better is not good business. There are some complaints about memory foam with some people saying it's too hot or doesn't do what it claims. Other benefits are if you buy a memory foam mattress cover you can travel with it where ever you go giving you support no matter what type of mattress you are sleeping on. Make sure to buy at least a two inch cover if you want to feel a real effect. Anything less won't support you past your weight.

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