Metal Canopy Beds

courtesy of JannieJan
courtesy of JannieJan

A Unique Bedroom Item

If you are a fan of Disney movies, then you probably dreamed of a princess bed when you were growing up. The swirling iron that encloses around a lacy or whimsical looking canopy can make any young girl swoon. If you are trying to decide on the perfect bed for your little girl, then you should take a browse at metal canopy beds.

A canopy bed looks similar to a 4 poster bed, with the exception of the joining beams across the top. Metal canopy beds vary in style. Often times, you will find that they do not have the fabric canopy across the top, and are bare. This is probably not what your little girl has her heart set on. There are also metal beds with the arched canopy as well as a flat canopy. Deciding upon the two is usually a matter of price and preference. However, the arched canopy fits into more of the princess category.

Solving the Problem

Even if your little girl has a bed, if you are reading this then she is probably wanting to redecorate her room. The most popular theme right now is of course the princess theme. However, while she might not realize this, there are other problems that a metal canopy bed can address.

  • Unique Treasure: Every child needs something that they can feel proud of. While the canopy bed might be an investment you were not planning on purchasing, it will certainly pay off in the long run. Without a doubt, your daughter will treasure it and will take wonderful care of it

  • Sticking To A Theme: When decorating a room, it can often be troublesome to stick to a particular theme. It is also easy to go overboard. A metal canopy bed is the perfect focal point to use for a princess themed room, and a base point to work around from. After getting the bed in place, you can usually see how much decorating is left to do.

  • Widening Spaces:  The most common complaint with any child is that their room is not large enough.  This is especially true for young girls who are almost entering the so called "tween" stage.  If this is the case, and there is no way your little girl can have a larger room, then the canopy bed can create a false space.  In other words, the canopy bed is so tall, that it will help draw the eye up towards the ceiling, making it appear taller and the room wider.

  • Avoiding Paint:  If you are worried about your daughter changing her mind about the theme of her room a few years down the road, and you do not want to have to paint the room only to have to re-paint again, then a canopy bed is an excellent choice.  Depending on the color of canopy fabric you choose, the added colors and the warm tones from the metal in the bed will make the room appear a whole new color.  This is especially true if she has white walls or a lighter color wall paper.

The wonderful thing about metal canopy beds, regardless as to whether they are arched or flat, is that they will grow with your little girl.  Meaning that over time, the canopy can come off, and your daughter can enjoy a beautiful metal modern canopy bed. 

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