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Authentic Mexican Blankets

Popular and enjoyed in Mexico and worldwide Mexican blankets can be found in family homes, bars, restaurants, shops and markets. Woven in vibrant beautifully colours that are sure to enhance any setting.

Mexican's are very skilled and creative artisans. A visit to any authentic Mexican market will prove this. With multitudes of handmade goods including everything from pottery, paintings clothing, blankets, figurines, hammocks and various other quality items.

One item that always stands out in their beautiful colour combinations are the very popular Mexican blankets - Sarapes. Usually available in a range of dimensions from smaller table runners and place-mats through to bedspread size. The traditional pattern design is of stripes of different sizes and colours running across the blankets. Of these colours there will be one dominate main colour that is repeated throughout the blanket, such as a green, red, blue, orange, white, pink, black. The remainder of the blanket stripes that run in-between the main colours will be made up of various sizes and colours. This means the buyer can select from a large range of variations to selection the perfect colour combination for themselves.

Along with the beauty of the blankets another main great feature is the versatility the blankets provide. As per any blanket they are ideal for providing extra warmth and comfort to the home. As a colourful bedspread, spare or extra blanket, or to just snuggle up with on the lounge suite. They make ideal sofa covers, helping to preserve and protect your lounge suite from wear and tear. If you have family pets they can stop them leaving their hair and dirt on your furniture - and can be simply washed as needed. Much more convenient that trying to do the same to your lounge suite. Also they are perfect for taking that chill off or reducing stickiness from heat on leather furniture.

Away from the home they are perfectly suited for the beach as a ground cover blanket and similar at the park for picnics. Great to leave in the car and take out as needed for impromptu picnics or relaxation breaks. The large size blankets are idea to spread out over the ground on warm summers days to enjoy spending some time with the family or loved one.

Further popular uses are in car. Such as for car seat covers. They can be upholstered into cars, giving classic hot rod and rat rod type cars a uniquely attractive look. As car seat covers for the back or bench seats they make an excellent choice. Particularly with leather or vinyl upholstery that can get very hot when heated by the sun. Similarly on those colder mornings, take the chill off by spreading a blanket across the seats.

Exercising, relaxing and yoga are also further uses for a Mexican blanket. For stretching and breathing exercises a Mexican blanket provides a soft large ground cover for your to complete your exercises and moves. Also popular for cooling down after yoga workouts, helping to slowly bring your body temperature back down to normal without getting cold too suddenly.

Mexican blankets are ideal as a unique gift. Very well received and very suitable for weddings, housewarmings and Christmas, or any occasion really. Even for baby showers as they are lovely soft blankets for babies and young children to lie, crawl and play around on. As a gift you can be sure they will always be very well received and appreciated.

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