Discovering the Appeal of Modern Bed Frames

The Kobe platform bed is a truly gorgeous modern wooden bed frame.
The Kobe platform bed is a truly gorgeous modern wooden bed frame. | Source

Modern bed frames have a contemporary look that easily fits into the décor and style of modern homes. Modern beds are those starting from the late 19th century and extending into the newest styles being created today. Such modern furniture has a wide variety of designs that allow individuals to create a look that express their own taste and personal preferences as well as adapt to the look of any modern home. While visually heavy wooden bed frames are more associated with traditional looks, modern bed frames look much lighter and are often made out of polished metal or even hard plastics. Wood, however, is still used in a number of modern bed frames, offering a transitional design that balances elements of the old and the new.

The South Beach bed has a more traditional look to it, blended with some hints of a modern aesthetic.
The South Beach bed has a more traditional look to it, blended with some hints of a modern aesthetic.

No matter the look you're going for in your bedroom, a bed frame with a modern appeal offers a chic, functional and fashionable element. As the bedroom is meant to be an oasis, modern frames are popular for their ability to reflect personal style and offer a comfortable mattress designed for stress free sleeping - back aches and other problems caused by sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress are not usually a concern with modern frames equipped with memory foam mattresses. One of the most popular looks in modern furniture is platform style beds, these beds feature just a mattress and a wooden platform - box springs are also not included. Headboards are included in platform beds; however, footboards are rarely featured. Platform bed have a very low-profile with very short legs or may sit directly on the floor; being so low to the ground gives these beds a minimalist look that can easily be worked into any design. Asian style modern bed frames are one of the most popular looks in platform style frames. They characteristically include no headboards or footboards for a fresh look that has become very popular in loft style apartments.

When shopping for modern bed frames there are some considerations that need to be made. The size of the bed is one factor that many individuals neglect to check before making a purchase and bringing their new bed home. This can be a disastrous mistake however. A bed that is too small or too large will throw off the proportions of a bedroom. An oversized bed may make it hard to maneuver around the bedroom while a too small bed may not be very comfortable to sleep in. Will the bed be placed against the wall or centered in the room? The position of the bed and the dimensions of other furniture being placed in the room should be reviewed before making a final decision. As these bed frames are often lighter than traditional bed frames they are often easier to move around the room if needed.

The Emile platform bed features a frame upholstered with stylish leather.
The Emile platform bed features a frame upholstered with stylish leather.

Like traditional beds, modern beds offer standard sizes including full, queen and king. The function of the bed is another factor that should be considered. Those who want the room to have a clean and simplistic design may want to search for bed frames that feature drawers to allow for additional storage space in the bedroom. Popular colors are those that offer a blank canvas to design around including black, white and gray, however, many other colors are available. Embellishments are also available to get a sleek, sexy, fun or unique look. For children, modern platform beds are available featuring animated characters. For bachelors, a popular look is leather platform beds offer a sexy and easy to manage look. Canopy style beds that feature posts that can be draped with fabric in different colors are a favorite for women looking to change up their décor. For couples, platform beds featuring headboards offer a great compromise that can be used to help couples sync together their different styles.

While reviewing the choices of modern bed frames remember to think about the cost and have a final budget in mind. Modern beds can be more affordable than traditional designs but the prices can vary significantly based on the materials used, the bed size, the manufacturer and the mattress chosen. Even when the price is more expensive than traditional designs, these frames offer a great bargain as modern beds are capable of standing up under large amounts of weight, can last for years, are easy to assemble and are less likely to be scratched or damaged by an active family lifestyle.

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Wyatt Fleming profile image

Wyatt Fleming 5 years ago from Colorado

I like classic beds more because they just have a certain character to them that I feel modern beds simply haven't quite matched. Thanks for the Hub, though!

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