The Modern Hotel Room and Double Bath Vanities

Modern hotel rooms are becoming major works of livable art because interior designers are sparing no expense to make an impact on the design and function of hotel suites and penthouses. Every major metropolitan city in America is noticing that many high rollers, industry professionals, and even celebrities are seeking beautiful and audacious hotel rooms that will blow their minds. Even if you're not a noted interior designer or a multi-millionaire, you too can enjoy the wonders of a modern hotel room.

Modern hotel rooms are huge to say the least. Most of these rooms are at least 1,200 sq. ft. in size and feature multiple rooms for entertaining, sleeping and dining. Some of these gargantuan hotel rooms even pride themselves on multiple levels and often times are more exuberant that most American homes and apartments. California King sized beds are the norm in these rooms and a fully stocked wet bar is a given. Most of these suites are located near the top of these new hotels and boast views of the city's skylines and natural bodies of water.

The color scheme in these rooms is very bold and mix colors together that you may have never imagined before. Most hotel designers use black and white as their basic color palette and incorporate bolder colors such as red, teal and magenta in their d├ęcor and details. Plasma HD television screens are also a normal occurrence in these rooms and usually start out at 42 inches.

The living room is one of the major focal points in the suite and offers a large sectional sofa with a comfortable sitting area. Ornate lighting is also a major part of creating a hip atmosphere in these hotel rooms and is imported from all parts of the world. Most living rooms are designed to provide enough space for entertaining a large group of people.

The bathroom is also another major focal point in modern hotel rooms. This space is also a favorite with guests because of the exquisite detail put into each bathroom. The average master bathroom in a normal home will boast an ordinary shower area, a single sink and a toilet. Nothing too exciting here. However, in the bathrooms of modern hotel rooms, guests can spend the evening in soaking in a premier bath tub with pressurized jets, or shower under rainfall shower heads in a space that could fit three people inside comfortably.

Double bathroom vanities are the only way to go in these exquisite bathrooms and vessel sinks are taking the contemporary design aesthetic by storm. An ordinary hotel room will boast a sunken in sink, large rectangular mirror and other mediocre accessories and accoutrements. Vessel sinks have recently taken shape over the last generation of bathroom design and can come in every imaginable color and shape. Bathroom vanities are becoming more and more detailed.

Modern hotel rooms also come with special packages and options for their guests. Some of the top hotels offer a personal concierge service that can get anything you want, at any time of the day or night. Couples can also request special romantic packages that will lure them to stay in their hotel for the entire stay. Guests will also be greeted with a champagne toast and delectable bites from the area's top restaurants and chefs.

Modern hotels like The Ivy in San Diego, The Palms in Las Vegas and the Standard in Los Angeles are really creating an impact when it comes to becoming trendsetters in the modern hotel industry. Do your own investigation and discover up and coming hotels breaking the mold toward modernism.

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