Monochromatic Color Scheme for Interior Design

Blue Monochromatic Color Scheme
Blue Monochromatic Color Scheme | Source

Monochromatic Color Scheme for Interior Design

Monochromatic color schemes are color palettes that are based off of a single color on the color wheel. This may sound boring to some, but monochromatic color schemes can very dynamic and sophisticated. To create a monochromatic or monotone interior design scheme you will first select a color from the color wheel, for instance blue. Next, you will select 2 to 3 more colors, which are lighter or darker tones or shades of the original color. You should end up with at least a dark, medium and light tone of a single color. Now the fun begins, you then apply these colors in the room you are designing. For example, you may decided to paint 3 walls the medium tone and the 4th wall the dark tone to create a focal point and contrast. Your focal point could be a wall with a fireplace, television or large picture windows. The lightest tone could be used in the furnishings, such as upholstery, curtains, or accessories. This interior color scheme fits into any person's design style. It can be traditional or modern, it just depends on which colors you select and how those colors are applied. Regardless, you will end up with a beautiful new room that you will want to show-off to family and friends.

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Purple Interior Color Scheme

Purple Monochromatic Color Scheme
Purple Monochromatic Color Scheme | Source

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Kari 2 years ago

What is the paint color in this bedroom?

Marian firield 3 months ago

I love these colours,

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