Moving Day the Easy Way

It’s finally here! The big day you’ve been waiting for. After all the planning, finding the perfect location and saving, you’ve chosen the place you will call home. As you begin to survey all the household furnishings accumulated over the years you suddenly get a sickening dreadful feeling in your stomach. Moving day is approaching and procrastination is no longer an option. You now must decide how you will transfer the contents of your dwelling. Could renting moving equipment be a viable solution?

Here are 7 helpful tips that will make renting moving equipment a great experience:

1. Do not linger – The earlier you reserve rental equipment (appliance dollies, carpet shampoo machine, etc.) the more likely you will get all the items you need the date you need them and save money.

2. Quality Boxes – It’s best not to move your valuables in used boxes from the local supermarket. Most companies that rent moving equipment can also supply you with clean sturdy boxes and packing supplies and this usually doesn't cost much at all.

3. Rent the right hand truck - Standard size hand trucks are very effective for your boxes. It is advisable that you use larger size hand trucks for appliances (refrigerator, stove, washing machine). This transport method will also spare the toll you will put on your back from moving items by hand.

4. Protect your furnishings – Rent furniture pads or blankets to cover your furniture and other bulky items that can easily move around and be damaged during the drive. Equipment rental companies will have a good supply of coverings to select from.

5. Consider the distance – If you are relocating to another town, city or state you will want to consider renting a car dolly. This will allow you to tow your car behind the rented moving truck. You will avoid putting unnecessary miles on your car and the clear benefit is saving gas and money.

6. Rent the right size truck – Avoid the costly mistake of renting a small moving truck because of the tempting lower price. Most rental companies charge a daily rate plus mileage. Making unanticipated extra trips to complete the move will not only be exhausting but will inflate the final bill. Be smart and ask the rental company associate for assistance and a general guide to determine what size truck is right for you.

7. Rent the right tools – Using a high powered cordless screwdriver will ease the task of assembling and disassembling dining tables, beds, etc. Be sure you have a good selection of flat-head and Phillips driver bits.

As one final note, avoid the “do it yourself” motto and ask for help! Alert friends and family of the moving date you have scheduled. This will eliminate the need to hire contracted movers and allow you to cash in on overdue favors. Taking group pictures and providing food and beverages for your helpers will make the work more pleasant. It will also show your appreciation and make the move a day to remember.

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FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 15 months ago from USA

Definitely spring for the moving van instead of a friend's open truck, even for across town. My sister decided to play it cheap and use a friend's pick up truck and let's just say she lost part of the load on the interstate -- papers, furniture, throw pillows. We still crack up about it every time we see broken furniture on the side of the road because we know someone else probably tried the same thing -- the cheap route.

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