Moving Made Easy with Self Storage

If you have ever played that simple game that has 15 numbered squares inside a small plastic square with 16 spaces, with a goal to rearrange the squares in numerical order, then you have some understanding of what moving can be like. The temptation in the game is to take one or two of the little plastic squares out and put them back only when the others have been put in the right order. It’s a simple solution but the way the game is made getting those squares out can be tricky.

Making a Good Plan

Moving can be like playing a game, even if moving into a larger residence, as you empty the truck trying to decide in which room each box goes to. If you’re moving into a smaller place the challenge can be even greater. The advantage you have over the game when you move is that you can leave some of your stuff out of the box while you decide how to get everything in the right order.

A self storage facility is the answer to how to have enough room to move everything in and still have room to maneuver around furniture. You’re not moving everything in…just yet. Before you pack up the moving truck you can decide what absolutely has to go into the house first and put it in the truck first. To save trips, the items you decide to put in storage for a time while you determine what to do with them can go in last.

On the way to your new house stop by the self storage facility and unload the unwanted items, then head for your new place with all of the rest of your stuff. This process leaves you with only having to make one trip with the truck. Once everything is in the house and arranged to your satisfaction you can take your stuff out of the self storage unit to be organized into your new home. If you decide you don’t need it, you can either leave the stuff in storage or sell it to recoup some of your moving expenses.

Available Options

When looking into self storage you will find many options, such as the sizes of the available units, indoor or outdoor units, climate controlled environments and the type of security on the facility’s property. The kind of facility and unit you choose will depend on the type and value of the belongings you plan to store as well as the climate. Easy access should also be afforded with wide halls or driveways in case you are going to be moving large items into the locker.

You will want to scope out the available storage companies as you prepare for your move to locate ones that offer short-term storage solutions. There may be some that require a long-term agreement, but most are willing to offer their spaces for as little as 30 days. By locating and renting your unit ahead of time, you will be able to go directly there, usually on your own schedule, without delays of needing assistance for entry at the self storage facility.

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