Moving Pads

Moving pads are mostly quilted pads that offer special protection to some properties such as furnitures, antiques, vending machines, and several other office equipments when they are being moved. Online researches show that that there are more than 3 million importers and designers of Moving pads worldwide but the qualities of the pads differentiate them. They are used for moving heavy duty materials from one location to the other.

Pads for company moving duties are custom covers and Quilted with lock-stitching for extra durability. Such pads also have finished corners, quality batting and 2-inch binding on all 4 sides.  Heavy duty moving blankets re non-woven synthetic fabrics with finished edges. They have square corners and quilted throughout. They also come in rounded corner designs as well as a wide variety of colours.

There are different types of quilted moving pads available for heavy duty moving activities, they include; Polyester moving pads, paper moving pads, Teflon moving pads, and several others- all of them are capable of handling different demands for equipment moving services. Paper moving pads are particularly ideal for protecting your furniture from dirt and scratches. They are triple-cushioned protective pads which are tapped down for perfect fittings. They are regarded as the most economical for protecting around 4-room valuables.

Moving Pads

Polyester moving pads are plastic heat treated moving pads which protects movable objects from heat and moisture damages during movements. They are moisture and heat proof hence they can be used for long transfer periods, they are more expensive than paper moving pads but they offer the best protection for all movable materials even when they are in storage for several days.

Moving blankets for movable objects comprises of several types of coverings which include plastic mattress covers and cotton moving blankets for sound-proof protections for sound –sensitive materials. Moving blankets are premium quilted pads which may contain added grommets for more durability. They also come as barrier blanket from protection against radiant heat conditions. Some come as softee moving blankets, multi-coloured and deluxe moving blankets are also available for those who want some classy and attractive yet protective blankets.

Companies moving pads are designed to withstand high mechanical pressures and they can be used over and over again for long periods of times. Moving pads are not expensive and their prices are contained in the contracts you signed with a moving company before such properties are moved.

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