Moving Your Furry Friends

Moving day can be fraught with potential hazards, and can be a very dangerous time for people. There are plenty of opportunities for injury when lifting heavy boxes and furniture, and these opportunities can be heightened by the presence of pets. Pets are very intuitive in many cases, and when there are dramatic changes happening in the household as happen on moving day, they can grow very anxious. This anxiety will tend to cause them to be underfoot even more than usual, and they can cause you to trip or fall, especially if they sneak underneath you unseen while you have a heavy load. To avoid such occurrences, follow these simple pointers from a professional Durham moving company.

First, if it is possible, try to isolate pets in an out of the way room of the house. If you are moving from house to house, pick a room that is out of the flow of traffic, move all of the boxes and furniture from it in advance, and keep your pets in there. Remember that they will still be anxious, and perhaps might be even more so if they are isolated from you, so check in on them from time to time just to reassure them.

Another option is to pin pets outside in a backyard or on a patio. Since most moves happen in the summer, however, make sure that when you are taking trips from one location to the other that you let them back in, and be sure of course to refresh their water if it is hot.

If you have room and are planning to take multiple trips, it can be a good idea to take them with you each time, just to let them know they aren’t being left behind. Leaving them at the old house might be frightening for them, and many pets when they are scared or worried tend to leave surprise messes for their owners. There will be enough cleaning to do in both the new and old locations without having to worry about pet mishaps.

When it comes time to transporting the animals, try to do it the same way that you would take them to the vet. Moving day is already stressful enough on them, and they will be much better behaved if you let them ride in the car with you like it’s a normal ride in the car. If you normally put them in a travel carrier then stick with the routine. The familiarity of the carrier will probably be of comfort and minimize the fear and some animals like cats tend to hide if they are scared and with a packed car there won’t be many hiding places.

If it is available to you, it might be worth considering leaving them with a friend or family member, preferably one who they know well. This will keep them secure and out of the way for safety purposes. This is an especially good idea if you are hiring a professional moving company, since strangers coming in and out of the house is very intimidating to pets. For the safety of you, your pets, and the movers, it is often best to leave the pets somewhere more comfortable, and this will ensure that moving day is as seamless as possible.

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