Must Haves For Moving

Most people don’t look forward to the process of moving, but it can go a little smoother by having the necessary supplies handy. Whether you are using a Greensboro moving company or doing it yourself, these simple supplies go a long way in keeping your possessions safe and organized.


1. Boxes, tape and packing materials:

This one is rather obvious, but it certainly bears mentioning. Not every box is fit to hold heavy household possessions, so make sure to gather sturdy boxes. The boxes also shouldn’t be too big, since large boxes can quickly become too heavy to lift when filled. Finding boxes that are somewhat uniform in size can help make packing the truck easier. Of course, moving boxes can be purchased. Paper boxes work well too, so anyone who works at an office could find out what becomes of the business’s discarded boxes. Liquor boxes are also well-designed to hold heavy loads, so stopping by a local store and asking could yield results. Plastic bins with covers could also be a worthwhile investment, useful for both moving and organized storage after moving.

For packing materials, you have the option to purchase or repurpose. Think ahead to save old newspapers or plastic grocery bags, as these work great to cushion dishes, decorative pieces, or anything else that may be broken or even scratched in the moving process. Whatever you choose to use, don’t cut corners by skipping packing material—there’s nothing more frustrating than unpacking at your new home and finding your possessions damaged.

Finally, having plenty of good quality packing tape on hand is also vital to keeping everything safe, secure, and stackable.

2. Tape dispenser:

This might seem like a minor item, but when you consider how many boxes need to be taped, it doesn't seem quite so minor. Don’t waste any of your time and energy looking for the scissors or trying to tear this strong, sticky tape. Just get a good, easy-to-use roller and you will be taping with ease, both during your move and in your new home.

3. Dolly:

No matter how many people you have helping you, a dolly is indispensable for both heavy objects and stacks of boxes. Especially if you have any heavy appliances or furniture items, or if you have a long distance to move your items, a dolly will help maximize your time and man power and help you to budge otherwise difficult to move items. If you are renting a moving truck, ask your company whether a dolly is included with the truck, and, if not, whether you can rent one from them. Other options may include borrowing one from an employer, friend, or family member.

4. Markers/ Labels:

You don’t have to be abnormally organized to do some basic labeling as you move. Whether you write on the box with a thick marker or use adhesive labels, you can give your movers, professional or otherwise, some direction. When the process of packing gets tedious, it can be tempting to let this slide, but your future self will appreciate the time you took to label. Besides for marking boxes “fragile” or “heavy,” you can also designate the items’ origin and destination. And, if you don’t anticipate unpacking immediately, some note of the boxes’ contents will help you find what you need until you find a place for everything.


5. Blankets/ Furniture Covers:

These are other items that may or may not come with a rental truck, and, once again, could be rented or purchased from your truck rental provider. Furniture blankets serve two purposes: keeping items clean and preventing scratches. A mattress, for example, is bound to pick up any dirt the floor of the truck if not wrapped in a blanket, and a dresser is bound to be scratched by that chair leg if it isn’t protected. Straps or rope can be a helpful accessory to keep blankets in place, especially if you are substituting old, lighter blankets of your own for heavy duty moving blankets.

So, before you pack your first box, take the time to gather these key supplies. Remember that your Greensboro moving company can be an ally in this process, answering questions about how many supplies you may need, renting necessary supplies, and even helping with the move itself.

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FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

This is a helpful checklist of must-haves for moving.

dragonflycolor 2 years ago

The dolly is the most important thing on that list!

My Bell profile image

My Bell 2 years ago

What a great checklist to get started with your move. I moved A LOT in my life (Army brat) so I second all that you have said in this article. Nice hub!

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks so much My Bell!

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 2 years ago

After our fifth move, my hubby bought a small dolly and it was the one of the best investments we made. Your ideas are all good and will help many to move with ease.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 2 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks teaches12345! It's definitely worth the cost for a dolly if you've moved 5 times already. I'm sure your back appreciated it, I know mine did when we last moved!

CherylsArt profile image

CherylsArt 18 months ago from West Virginia

A dolly is such a good idea. I know that my luggage cart has come in handy for multiple purposes.

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