Winter - What Good Is It?

Winter.  What's good about it?
Winter. What's good about it?

A few inches of snow cover the ground and more is falling. We are expecting quite a few more inches to fall before this is over with. This is the second day in a row I have been unable to make it to work because of the weather. I might end up missing more this week, again, depending how much more snow or ice we get. Rather than focus on being out of work and losing money, which is very hard not to focus on, I have put together a list of my favorite things about winter. This is an effort to count the blessings in everyday things. If you have a favorite thing about winter, please add it in the comments.

Hot cocoa warms you body and soul.
Hot cocoa warms you body and soul.

Hot cocoa, tea, cider, or coffee - A hot beverage seems to not only warm you physically but emotionally as well. It is comfort in a cup. Use a mix or make your own. all has some great cocoa recipes.

Pizza Beans
Pizza Beans

Soup, chili, stew, beans - This cold weather beckons for a pot of soup or chili. Homemade is preferable. Here is a great recipe for a pot of beans.

Ingredients for Pizza Beans

  • 2 cans white northern beans, drained
  • 1 cup tomatoes, chopped
  • 1/2 cup each green peppers, onions, mushrooms
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • Handful pepperoni slices, halved
  • 1 pound Italian sausage, casings removed
  • 2 teaspoons oregano and basil, dried
  • 1 cup chicken broth, add more or less to suit your desired thickness
  • 2 cups fresh spinach, washed and stems removed


  1. Brown sausage. Drain. Set aside.
  2. Combine beans, vegetables, chicken broth in large stock pot. Add pepperoni and sausage. Add spinach a handful at a time to beans, giving it time to wilt before adding more. Add oregano and basil. Salt and pepper to taste. Let cook until it comes to a boil, giving the flavors time to mingle. Serve with parmesan cheese grated on the top.
  3. This would be great with a crusty French bread.
Earl Gray Shortbread Cookies
Earl Gray Shortbread Cookies

Baking - Coldness makes me want to bake. The oven warms the home and the smells that come from the oven while bread or cookies are baking fill the home with enchanting smells. Many people associate some of these smells with warm memories from their childhoods and other good times in their lives.

I found a great recipe for Earl Gray Shortbread Cookies at

wearing fuzzy slippers and hanging out with loved ones
wearing fuzzy slippers and hanging out with loved ones

Fuzzy slippers

Snuggling with your sweetie in front of the tv, fireplace, heater. It does not matter what you are snuggling in front of as long as you are with your sweetie.

Cuddle time with Charlie
Cuddle time with Charlie

Cuddling with your four legged furry friends - My dog wants way more cuddle time when it is cold. Spending time with your pet can lower blood pressure and reduce stress. So if you are worried about how to pay the bills when out of work during the winter weather, grab Fido and start stroking. It is good for them, too. Petting your animal helps their digestion.


Time to catch up on reading and other hobbies - When the weather keeps you inside, pick up that book you have been wanting to read. Grab your paints and paint brushes. Get out the crochet needle. Work on that novel that your busy life has not given you much time to work on.

Eating vegetables that you canned or froze from your garden in the summer.

Gazing at seed catalogs - planning your garden that you will soon be able to start working on.

Watching/listening to children play in the snow - Children’s laughter is infectious. When watching them have fun, it makes me smile and laugh.

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MsDora profile image

MsDora 3 years ago from The Caribbean

You surely found a lot of good. Beats moping around on something you cannot fix. Thank you for sharing your gratitude spirit.

lcbenefield profile image

lcbenefield 3 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks, Ms. Dora, for reading. If we look hard enough, there is something to be grateful for in every situation.

rdsparrowriter profile image

rdsparrowriter 3 years ago

Wow ! Some ideas to keep yourself occupied and enjoy the day :)

lcbenefield profile image

lcbenefield 3 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks, rd, for reading and commenting. Enjoy your winter days.

Dana Tate profile image

Dana Tate 3 years ago from LOS ANGELES

Being born and raised in California snow is something I've never had the pleasure of seeing. But I always wanted to go someday and make a snowman. Thanks for sharing.

lcbenefield profile image

lcbenefield 3 years ago from Georgia Author

Dana, Thanks for reading. It is hard for me to imagine never seeing snow.

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 3 years ago

It has been a long cold winter and I know these ideas will make the "hibernation" period more comfortable. I myself love to read and snuggle. Thanks for the suggestions.

lcbenefield profile image

lcbenefield 3 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks, Teaches, for reading. Spring is less than 40 days away, I think.

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