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I am a real customer!

I am a new customer of MyPillow®. Customers can return their pillow several times until they receive the right support level. Not only did I purchase one pillow, I also purchased a king size mattress topper made out of the same material. After I needed to return my pillow a second time, I decided not to return it. My 60-day comfort guarantee and my 10-year warranty are now invalid on my pillow. I will tell you why in this article.

MyPillow® brings so much comfort after purchasing one I wanted to replace all my pillows even the ones I sit on. If you want a good night sleep without waking up with neck pain, back pain, and tingling in your arms, MyPillow® surpasses all other pillows I have bought in over 40 years.

MyPillow® has changed their policy in regards to sending out replacement pillows in February 2012. You are required to return your pillow that you want to exchange for a different support level (size) first and received by their returns department before MyPillow® sends out a replacement pillow. They will send a return merchandise label. However, for some customers getting the right fit the first time is important. It is important to put down the processing number that they give you so that when returns receive the box they can pull up the order and immediately ship you your replacement pillow. Previously, you would call and they would exchange the pillow without receipt of the original pillow. You can tell with one night sleep whether on not that pillow is the right support level for you.


Choosing the pillow requires choosing the support level that is perfect for you. For my first pillow, which support level categorized by the color, Green – has more fill and it had to be returned. I am a side sleeper and considered my arthritic shoulders when purchasing the first one. I have spoken to customer service in trying to find the right support before I made my first purchase. It turns out I had to go down maybe to the white – which has regular fill, which is for most side and back sleeping women.

I understood that I might have to return the pillow a couple of times to find the right fit and they have custom fit ordering options as well. There is a second option for choosing your support level and it goes by your tee shirt size still using the color scheme. I have used this option when I returned the first pillow for exchange. I knew my second order would be correct because I was going by my tee shirt size but it was not so. I was about to return the pillow for the second time but change my mind. Besides being a comfortable pillow that suspends your head and aligns your spine. MyPillow® has 60-Day Comfort Guarantee and a guarantee that you will love MyPillow® or YOUR MONEY BACK! Your really could not go wrong. In addition, there is a 10-year limited warranty (3-year limited warranty for mattress toppers) on any workmanship and/or material defects.

I decided to keep the White – regular fill pillow instead of returning it. My 10-Year Warranty is now invalid. I made Two Pillows out of one. I took 30 percent or enough fill out of My Pillow to fill a throw pillowcase that had a zipper. I stitched up the White Pillow and it is perfect. The support level for my pillow is perfect. I am sleeping like a lamb. You can use the same permacore thread and generous seam allowance to sew it back up. Now I have a decent seat cushion for my office chair and the perfect support level for my bed pillow. It is a perfect fit! I am sleeping very well. I have tried many and I could not find the perfect seat cushion. I just needed a little cushion that cushioned my hip replacements. This is what worked for me. This material in this pillow is the best for your cushioning and supporting needs. The mattress topper is heavenly as well.


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Kim bowman 17 months ago

I need the address to send my pillow back

Jubileerose profile image

Jubileerose 17 months ago from Wild & Wonderful West Virginia Author

To reach Customer Service, please dial 1-800-308-1299

Or to email us, please address your comments to "" especially if you do not have the return instructions inside the box the pillow came with. I hope this helps.

Terry 11 months ago

I also nee the adrees to send back pillows

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