Natural Stone, More Than Just Countertops

When one thinks of natural stone tiles, the first usage that comes to mind is typically for kitchen countertops. Top of the line countertops are made of granite or marble and some are designed with natural stone mosaic tiles. This makes for a beautiful place on which to cut meat and vegetables, but one might want to consider other uses for beautiful natural stones, including places around the house that are more decorative.

Outdoor decor is a perfect place to consider using natural stone, if one cooks or barbeques often in their ‘outdoor’ kitchen. Natural stone, when chosen properly, can be highly weather resistant. Stone can withstand cold, humidity and heat without cracking. Many stones will not fade with exposure to sun or adverse weather conditions. Even better, granite floor tile used outdoors will always remain cool to the touch, even in hot weather. Outdoor stonework is easy to maintain and lasts much longer than other typical outdoor materials such as concrete, asphalt or brickwork. Even over time, stonework maintains its natural beauty, color and strength. Natural stone is also great for those with allergies to dust or mold. Stones do not mold and are known to be allergen free. Outdoor stonework should always be sealed regularly and if any stones break free, should be replaced promptly.

Natural stone flooring is another way one can use stone to enhance the living area in your indoor kitchen. A large variety of patterns are available. If you want a simple natural stone floor pattern, you can choose from any number of designs including circular, honeycomb, basket weaving, graded shades of tiles, or simple black and white patterns. If desired, more intricate patterns are also available, adding an extra level of class and style to any home. Natural stone floor mosaics can be made into tiles, allowing for a smooth surface. Natural stone flooring is easy to maintain and very easy to clean. In order to make sure your natural stone does not stain from moisture or spills, it is very important to keep your stone floor coated with a proper protective coating. This coating may need to be maintained and renewed every so often. While your stone flooring may be very durable, you will want to take proper care so that the pattern maintains its original beauty.

Natural stone is also very lovely when used as a backsplash for kitchen counters. Backsplashes are quite difficult to keep clean under normal circumstances. A natural stone backwash, however, combines beauty with functionality in a way that veneer cannot. Natural stone mosaic backwashes are incredibly inventive, imaginative and beautiful and there are an infinite number of patterns and themes from which to choose. Landscapes, building, flowers, kitchen themes, as well as geometric themes are some of the possible choices. Intricate mosaics will hide any small stains and are also very easy to maintain and keep clean. Stone backsplashes can be chosen to match any possible color you choose for your kitchen and will last for the life of the house.

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