Natural Stone Mosaics

Natural stone mosaics can be an amazing addition to your home. Using natural stone available without any type of alteration is a personal statement that says you want value as well as durability. Natural stone itself provides a medium which is allergen-free, weather resistant and very easy to maintain. Natural stone mosaics are art created with patterns using the distinct coloration, shapes and sizes of stones. These works of art can be placed pretty much anywhere inside or outside a home. Stone mosaics can be used to decorate walls instead of using paint or wallpaper. Natural stones are often manufactured into tiles so that mosaic patterns can be created by artisans. Because the stone is so durable, these mosaics can be placed as flooring. Flooring stone needs to use stones that are relatively smooth whereas mosaics that are on walls can vary widely in texture.

Another common area for a stone mosaic pattern is a kitchen counter or, more often, the backsplash for the kitchen counters. Often, intricate designs are used to dress up a kitchen with these types of stone mosaics. The fireplace is an ideal area to place a natural stone mosaic. The fireplace, like the walls, can use stones and tiles of any texture. Using stone mosaic tiles can also enhance the foyer of any residence. Some businesses also find that stone mosaics create a pleasing environment for clientele, as well as being a cost-effective method of designing their space.

Natural Stone Mosaic Patterns

There are many stone mosaic patterns from which to choose. The rectangular basket weave pattern is a simple, yet stunning pattern which uses light and dark stones to create the illusion that the stones are woven together. Wavy accents use contrast and shaping to create a wave along a stretch of wall or flooring. Round designs can be highly creative by interweaving various sized circles and bubble-like structures. Typically simple rounded designs use only two contrasting colors to make a simple design stand out. Simple accenting uses two contrasting colors and all gradations between the lightest and darkest stones. These various shades are placed randomly creating a seemingly intricate pattern of tiles. Another popular pattern is the honeycomb hexagonal style mosaic, pleasing to the eye, yet very simple.

Most mosaics one finds these days are much more intricate than the above patterns. A brief search online can bring up amazingly complex and beautiful stone mosaics. Mosaics for categories such as religious, masterpiece, figures, architecture, geometrical, nautical, sports, abstract, and medusa (among many other themes) can be purchased and used for any purpose. Specific mosaics with kitchen themes or sizes conducive to kitchen counter backsplashes come in a variety of colors and subject matter. Higher end stone mosaics can have marble inlay along with other colorful stones. Depending on where the mosaic will be used, one can choose from styles that have delicate and sensitive stones (some stones are very sensitive to acid or base), to styles that are created with very resilient, tough stones (usually for outdoor decorative patterns).

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Ebower profile image

Ebower 4 years ago from Georgia

The natural stone in these mosaics is beautiful. It makes me wish I owned my own home. I voted this up and useful!

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Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks so much Ebower! Glad you enjoyed it!

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