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My last Christmas present has been a Nespresso coffe machine with a melange of coffee flavors in capsules.

It has been my first time that I got close to Nespresso universe and, to be honest, I was very curious to do it. During the first days I started to put different capsules in my Magimyx coffee machine testing the different coffee flavors. I used all options available like "lungo" and "ristretto", strong, soft, light coffee and decaffeinated coffee.

I am italian so I went straight on the ristretto dark brown capsule which is the strong one. At the same time, after few days, I started to appreciate also the "Arpeggio" flavor, it is the dark violet capsule. the reason is the strong "ristretto" flavor with a big part of top coffee cream. No water feeling in your mouth, but real creamy strong dark coffee pure italian style with a strong flavor and parfum.

So once you have got your Nespresso machine (which is really well regulated) you just have to make your flavor choice according to your taste.

Several coffee capsules are available (better to taste all of them before choosing) they are indicated in the picture. Once you have to buy them you can go directly on the Nespresso website where you create an account and be part of Nespresso Coffee Club on-line. Some of advantages are coffee choices and orders, lots of interesting accessories like beautiful coffee cups design in white porcelane withe Nespresso logo, some of the best coffee machines...

It is suggested to by a coffee capsules holder.

Different type of coffee machines available to make a nice Nespresso, different brands and different prices depending on size and if manual or authomatics.

Before you get into this experience be carefull not to abuse of it because it is exactly what happens to everybody, in the beginning we want to play with this great gadget feeling the parfum and tasting different type of coffees, it can become mainly expensive! So discipline yourself and do not forget that all used capsules can be recycled check on website for recyclable places around your city or village.

Anyway for more info I suggest you to watch the video and also to check out the Nespresso official website that is at this adress click: Nespresso

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