A Poem for Niquie

Happy 24th Birthday, Niquie!

When they received their precious gift on February 21st, 1988

The Serpe’s were in heaven; even big brother thought she was great

Dominique Elyse was the name given, as if by the divine

There was no other choice, it was easy to assign

She was adorable and funny right from the start

An instant imprint stamped into everybody’s heart

Stubborn she was, and still remains to this day

The decision of when to talk and walk, would be done in her own way

Her curly hair so light and wild

Fit her perfectly; this spirited child

She was one of the boys, loved to play with her brother

Even though it cost her Tigger, one way or another!

With tons of energy, spunk and fun, everlasting friendships were made

Straight through the move and distance, the true connections stayed

Seventh grade proved a tad difficult-just at the very start

But it took no time at all for Niquie to win over people’s heart

Her love, loyalty and devotion to all of her varied friends

Is reciprocated by the closest, in a circle that never ends

Adored by her Grandparents through thick and through thin

A more captivatingly unique individual there has never been

Hard working, intelligent, and beautiful; she can be intimidating

But for this exquisite entity, a strong soul mate is waiting

Passionate, opinionated, emotional and funny

A smile that lights up a room, making it perpetually sunny

She appreciates nice things, though is not obsessed

For richer or for poorer…She couldn’t care less

Honesty, integrity, loving words and deeds

These are the only treasures that she ever needs

Is she occasionally moody? Absolutely, you bet!

She doesn’t pull any punches, what you see is what you get

All that notwithstanding, from a faux pas she will never hide

Awkward pictures are on display next to those that make us burst with pride

She can be an enigma, our little Niquie Pooh

But our family without this amazing girl simply wouldn’t do

So we celebrate this day saying ‘Happy Birthday Niquie’ as you turn 24

Cause no other girl on the face of this earth could be loved and cherished more!

Happy Birthday, Angel Face!!!

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