On Navies and Hammocks


Think of hammocks and one’s thoughts will usually be upon some matelot and an adventure-filled existence upon the ocean wave.

There is in fact a very good, and simple, reason why sailors have traditionally used hammocks for resting and sleeping at sea and it is that, quite aside from the ease of use and storage advantages, it swings with the tide of the sea. So when the boat sways towards port, gravity will move the sleeping sailor and his hammock starboard bound in equal measure. When it sways towards starboard, the hammock will swing towards port. Whatever happens, the seaman will be lying flat.


Naval Warfare

Navies have been with us for a surprisingly long time, and have been used in warfare and the defence of the realm, many realms in fact, for thousands of years. Today they sometimes transport warplanes, play a strategic nuclear role or enforce military objectives by defending against and if necessary engaging other navies in military combat. In modern warfare this involves the firing of missiles, rockets, torpedoes or suchlike but in its early days naval warfare took a somewhat different and more direct approach.

In ancient Greece and under the Roman Empire naval vessels were long and narrow, and powered manually by oarsmen. Engagement was made either by vessels ramming those of their adversaries, or else by drawing up side by side with them to enable their occupants to board the enemy ship and engage with its navy in hand to hand combat.

One of the great naval powers dating back in its earliest days to before the birth of Christ was the Chola Navy, the naval force of the Chola Dynasty of India. This played a major role in the expansion of the Chola Tamil Kingdom, including the conquest of the islands of Sri Lanka.

Without doubt the largest navy today is that of the United States of America, which boasts greater tonnage than the next dozen or so largest navies in the world together.

Hammocks for relaxing in the garden

Which is all by the by, of course, when we are discussing something as relatively universal as the hammock, used by navies of all kinds, large or small.

An excellent example of a modern day hammock is manufactured by Fatboy, called the Headdemock and designed for relaxing on in the garden rather than for a topsy turvy existence upon the raging seas.

Fatboy has once again combined the joy of relaxing with a determination to create a superior product within its niche to bring you the customer the ultimate outdoor furniture experience.


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