How To Operate & Care for your One Touch Can Opener?

One of the most used implements in our kitchens is the humble can opener. The tin can is still one of the best methods of preserving food and the advances in the can opening technology now means it does not have to be dangerous or difficult to get into that tin of peaches you have been looking forward to. Most can openers today open the tin and leave safe edges, so it is not as dangerous as tin can's use to be. The easiest can opener to use and was initially designed for people with reduced hand mobility is the electric one touch can opener. They come in two types of power source. Either battery powered or rechargeable versions. One of the most popular ranges of can openers is the Culinare one touch can opener. Renowned for their simplicity of use and quality these openers offer a fast and efficient way of opening your tin can.

How To Operate a One Touch Can Opener

Using the can opener is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Place opener wheel side down on top of your tin can ensuring the rim fits into the groove of the opener. If the can has a ring pull, turn the can over.
  2. Press the button on top of the one touch can opener until it starts to operate. It will automatically stop after a set period. If you are opening a larger can and it has not completed opening the circumference of the can, press the button again until it starts to operate to finish the job.
  3. Lift the opener up and the lid should also come away from the can as it is held by a magnet. You can now pull the lid from the can opener and safely put it in your bin. Don’t forget to recycle your tin can.


If your one touch can opener does not start, check the batteries are inserted in the correct way round and that they have some charge. If unsure then try a different set of batteries. If you product is rechargeable then attach the charger and leave to charge forthe length of time the manufacturer recommends.

If the can jams because there is an uneven rim or the batteries are loosing their charge then use the reversing button (small button at the rear of the opener) . Press this reversing button until the opener becomes free. If the batteries do not have enough power to reverse the opener and it is still jammed place a flat screw driver in the stall release screw on the underside of the opener near the blade. Turn the screw in a clockwise direction until the can becomes free.

Cleaning your Culinare One Touch Can Opener

As your can opener is an electrical device do not put it in water or your dishwasher. You can clean it by wiping it with a soft damp cloth and dry with a soft tea towel. Always remove the batteries when cleaning the cutting blade to stop the chance of accidental operation. Take care cleaning the cutting blade as it has sharp edges. Do not use abrasive clothes or cleaners as this will damage your product.

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Dudez Go profile image

Dudez Go 2 years ago from Manila Philippines

Is this safe for kids? I use the Keetzen can opener from Amazon. It's a manual one that I let my kids use coz it doesnt leave sharp edges and it gives them more control when using. I got mine here

Rowsell 2 years ago

I have done as you instructed to try and reverse the action with screw driver because the batteries don't work anymore but I still can't get the opener off the tin. What do I do next?

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