Organizing Your Kitchen Storage Space

If you are someone who cooks often, you know that chaos in the kitchen can make cooking a dreadful and stressful experience. Conversely, an organized kitchen can make the cooking experience memorable and enjoyable, and even therapeutic. The ability to know where everything is in a kitchen and quickly put your hands on it when you need it is worth its weight in gold. Many homeowners are frustrated when they buy duplicate items or groceries because they didn’t know they had something already. If you are not using your kitchen space efficiently it can really hamper your ability and desire to use your kitchen. Here are a few budget self storage tips to help you get your kitchen in shape.

Though it sounds a bit daunting, the first step is to take an inventory of everything you have. If you have never done this, chances are very high that there are some unused and unneeded items in your cabinets, or even some expired spices or goods in your pantry. You should undertake this process one cabinet at a time, carefully moving everything to the dining table or to a buffet in another room. Doing this will give you a clear idea of what you actually have, what you can get rid of, and what you may need to buy again. Take the opportunity while the shelves and cabinets are empty to clean and dust them thoroughly, making sure to use an antibacterial agent wherever possible.

Cooking in the kitchen
Cooking in the kitchen | Source
Kitchen Pantry
Kitchen Pantry | Source

When it comes time to replace everything, begin with the pantry. Of course throw out any items that are expired, and if they are something you feel you will need at some point begin to make a list of replacement items you need from the store. Clean everything you plan to put back on the shelves before returning them to the kitchen. Then begin to wash all of the dish ware you have, unless it is something you do not need. If you haven’t used it in years, chances are you can make due without it in the future. Throw it away if it is broken or start a pile to give away. Anything that you want to keep but use very rarely place on the highest, furthest back shelves in the cabinets. Items that you use frequently can go front and center.

There are also a few ways to change the way you have stored items in your kitchen historically. First of all, if your drawers are deep enough, look into multi-layer baskets for kitchen drawers. These are generally inexpensive and can allow you to place two drawers worth of goods in one drawer, freeing up space for something else. If you keep a coupon drawer, be sure to sort through everything in there. You are going to find all kinds of knick-knacks, expired coupons, old dried up pens, broken rubber bands, etc. in that drawer. Though it may take awhile, you will be glad you freed up some additional space.

Most importantly, once you have gone through this process, keep it clean and neat. Don’t revert instantly back to your old pack rat habits or it will have been all for nothing. Try to put everything back in its place the moment you are done with it. Make this a habit and you will maintain a clean and organized kitchen for life.

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