Organizing with Totes

Need to get those Christmas decorations put away? Totes are a great solution! Wanting to separate your summer wardrobe from your winter wardrobe? Again totes are a wonderful idea. Organizing with Totes can give you back your house! There are several kinds of totes, plastic or canvas. We will be looking at these kinds of totes to help you find storage solutions!

For your bigger items nothing can compare to the 70 quart clear acrylic tote. This tote offers a set of four . This is ideal for those large decorations you don't know what to do with . It is also ideal for those summer or winter clothes. The see through acrylic allows you to see what is in the tote before you have to take it down off the shelf. This Tote has a lid and easy to grasp handles.

Rubbermaid 1172 ActionPacker Storage Box, 24-Gallon

 This rough and tough storage container is 24 gallons.  It is weather resistant and is able to be stacked.  The lid latches sut and it can be bungeed down if needed.  Perfect for your tools or on the back of a truck bed.

This Tote holds thirty five gallons or 24 or 8! Just purchase the size you need!. It's dimensions are 32" x 20" x 19.6", This Item is sold as a six pack and not individually. Great idea for all your summer yard ornaments or storing camping gear.

This unusual color tote is a 68 liter tote. (which is about 17 gallons) It has a snap on lid and is convenient for stacking. This color would a be a great tot to put your fall ornaments in storage. Also great for sweater storage or a place for the extra blankets.  It is sold in packs of six, not individually.

Bella Storage Tote, Pack of 6

If you need something a little smaller the Bella Storage tote does just the trick. It is a 17 quart see through container that comes in a batch of six.  This item is also available in Blue.

This large tote makes a great toy box or shoe box. It's dimensions are 16.75"H x 13.75"W x 10.125"D and it is made of durable recycled plastic. It would be a great addition to any closet organization scheme!

Box Organizer PVC Storage Unit for Bins

 Do you need a way to store those stroage bins?  Take a look at an easy way to store up to a dozen totes.  This orgainzer will hold up to 1200 pounds and mounts to the wall.  Slide your totes with ease!  Its dimensions are 69"h x 68"w x 27.5"d and it comes in white.  12 labels are included.

Take a look at these colorful fabric totes! Made t set on a shelf these totes act as drawers. You can purchase the Closet maid organizer that goes with it or use on your own dresser tops or closets. These colorful totes come in 10 bright colors.  The organizers come in 6 or 9 bin organizers and are a natural wood or white.

 This storage tote is great for your linen closet washcloths, towels or sheets.  It has a large label on the front in a plastic protective sleeve.  It comes in a small medium or large size.  This tote is easy to assemble with Velcro.

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Thank You GPage and Passive Income

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I LOVE containers, this was a great layout of what is out their. Great work.


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This was a very helpful hub. Thank you! GPAGE

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