Outdoor Rug of Recyled Plastic - A Versatile Flooring Option


Your outdoor rug of recycled plastic has many more uses than you may actually realize.  In fact, you will find that there are many ways to use them in the area you wish.  You will quickly find they are more versatile than many people actually realized before.  Not only will they spruce up your area outside, but they can be used indoors, in the home, if you wish.  You will find that there are tons of used for your new outdoor rug made from recycled plastic.  You can even buy them cheap!

Patio Covering:  You can use this as a great outside floor covering for your deck or patio.  You will find that it lasts a long time and will look nice, even after several years.  Some have an attached rubber backing to help it lay flat on the patio.  It will protect your patio from food spills during cookouts.

Mud Room Runner:  How about an indoor use for your outdoor area rug of recycled plastic.  It’s easy to clean, since it can just be hosed off, so the mud won’t hurt it a bit.  The rough texture is good for getting in shoe and boot cleats, too.

Play Mat:  Your child may like using an outdoor throw rug made from recycled plastic to run his toy cars on.  It would work great for animals and tractors, or just about any other type of toy you can imagine.  It would make a good play mat for your child.

Garage Flooring:  Garage flooring systems can be very expensive.  Since an outdoor rug of recycled plastic is so easy to clean and fairly cheap to buy, you will probably want to consider this as a cheap garage floor covering option to check out.  It just may be right for you and your area.

Kneeling Pad:  Use a small outdoor rug of recycled plastic as a kneeling pad when gardening or doing any sort of work that requires kneeling, especially on a hard surface.  You can roll it up or fold it to make it nice and soft on your knees.  Your knees will thank you for this one for sure.

Automotive Uses:  There are a few different options for your auto.  First, you can use your outdoor rug of recycled plastic as a quick and easy floor mat replacement.  Nothing fancy, but it will do the job.  In addition, you can use the throw as a really cheap bed liner for your pickup to protect from scuffs and scratches.

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