Overheating Concerns for the Memory Foam Mattress Owner

A memory foam mattress provides the ultimate in sleep comfort, but a foam bed can sometimes become too hot. This is especially true for you if your "thermostat" tends to run a little bit too high, but it's a problem for many people even if they don't have a propensity to overheat.

The reason for this is because memory foam actually molds to your body, which is precisely why it provides a good supportive sleep experience that's absolutely comfortable. However, this also makes it a poor heat disperser. With memory foam, its "open cell" structure provides the right amount of "collapse" depending on your particular body shape and size to provide you the perfect support, no matter your particular body type.

Because of this, the viscoelastic foam that memory foam is actually made of doesn't breathe like other mattress materials do, so this can be a problem for you if you tend to get too hot anyway. Or, for example, you may have trouble with it if you experience hot flashes because of menopause or for other reasons.

There are ways to get around this, though. Companies are continually working on ways to address this problem, so that you can have the comfort of memory foam without its propensity to "overheat." For example, one mattress company, Sleep Aid, has a memory foam mattress model that uses "heat reduction channels" to vent heat away from the body so that you stay cool on your memory foam mattress.

Sleep on it

Different mattress manufacturers have different ways of constructing their mattresses, as mentioned above, so the only way to really know whether or not a particular memory foam mattress is going to be too hot for you is to try to sleep on it. Many companies offer a 60-day money back guarantee, for example, for this is one way to try it; you can also simply go to retailers and lie on different mattresses until you find one that's right for you.

Another simple solution is that if you've got a foam bed and you love it but it's too hot, you can put a mattress pad down on top of the memory foam mattress that has a layer of polyester filling in it. This will provide the proper "air flow channel" between you and the mattress so that body heat is dispersed away from you instead of staying right up against your skin. This will keep heat build up from happening, and you should stay relatively cool even if you decide to buy a foam bed, or you've already got one and need to make it work.

Finally, a last option is that you don't have to always buy an entire memory foam bed to get the benefits of a memory foam mattress. Instead, buy a foam topper and place it on top of your existing mattress. You'll get many of the benefits of memory foam, at a fraction of the cost and with much less heat build up, too.

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gypsy 5 years ago

I have a memory foam matressd and find it is far too hot . I puchas a cooling pad for it which was a wase of a hundred dollars. I am still looking for a matress that does not overheat. If anyone had the same problem and has found a cooler matress could youd you advise me of the brand thanks gypsy

Andrew 4 years ago

I had the same issue and tried the "Feel Cooler" mattress pad at www.coolingmattress.com , Wasnt sure at first since it is a bit pricy but they offered a 30 day money back guarantee, so i decided to try it, and it did work!


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