Painting Services

Many homeowners choose to hire professional painting services for both interior and exterior painting jobs.  These services bill themselves as a way to save time while redecorating your home and to ensure that the job is done neatly and with care.  Homeowners who have never hired professional painters in the past often wonder what benefits they offer over do it yourself home painting.  The answer to this, of course, depends on the painting service that you approach as well as the package that you agree on.  When hiring a service for the first time, it is important know what you will be getting before you sign a contract. 

After compiling a list of the painters in your area, it is time to contact them for estimates.  In order to compare the costs, make sure that you get an itemized list of the services that they will provide.  Ideally, not only will the paint your walls, but they will also be responsible for covering and moving all furniture to ensure that it remains paint free.  They will also be in charge of the clean up, leaving your home in the same state that they found it.  Find out if you will be supplying the paint or if the painters will bring their own.  If they are supplying the paint, make sure that they are using a quality brand.

For most homeowners, the amount of time that the painters will take is almost as important as the cost of the service.  Painting can be disruptive to your household, so it may be worthwhile to pay a premium for a painting service that is known for doing fast work.  While it can be difficult to impose an exact timeline on house painting, having an understanding of how long it will take can help you make arrangements before it begins.

Before hiring a painting service, always take the time to learn about their reputation.  Most painting companies employ skilled professionals who stick to deadlines and do good work.  However, some may not be so reputable.  Be wary of any company that does not offer you any references or any company that has collected a lot of online complaints. 

When homeowners have found a painting service that is reputable and willing to work within their budget, they can be confident that the job will be done quickly and well.  Outsourcing this work to professionals frees your time to do other things and greatly reduces the stress of house painting.


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