Patio Heater. Which Patio Heater Is Suitable?

A Patio heater is often referred to as mushroom or umbrella heater which generates radian heat for outdoor purposes. A Patio heater makes use of Propane for heat generation and it dissipates this heat through perforated screen .The metal screen circulates the heat in a circular from around the heater. The Patio heater also makes use of a reflector at the top to reflect downwards some amount of heat that might be lost through their upward movements. Infrared patio heaters are now being used in restaurants for effective heat generation.

Stainless steel patio heater is made up of solid stainless steel reflector. The stainless steel protects the heater and makes it shiny. It may come with wheels and its often used at outdoor restaurants, pubs and public places. Stainless patio heater also makes use of propane gas as its source of energy, its stainless material helps dissipate heat quickly to the outside because metals are good conductors of heat, this also prevent the patio heater from over-heating.

A Propane Patio heater can be a portable table top heater or a free standing propane heater which is often made up of metallic outside materials and a screen cover where heat passes through after being generated from the heater. Outdoor Patio heaters often come with regulators which help in regulating the heating temperature and intensity. They also come with covers for added protection and they often come in basically two options of stainless or mild steel outer coverings.


An outdoor patio heater comprises of several compartments which include; Flame screen, burner base, reflector, air admittance fences, Gas valve controller, base of control housing, tank, and the propane tank housing. These entire components have their characteristic features which make the patio heater effective.

Gas patio heaters often use propane or natural gas in its operations. They are made up of stainless steel burners with a gas valve controller used in increasing or decreasing the amount of gas used for heating. A gas patio heater also makes use of flame screen and a tank for heat and storages respectively.

The perfect way to relax or work in your garden under a warm condition is through the use of a garden patio heater. The garden outdoor patio heater uses propane or natural gas for its operation and all other features of the conventional design of patio heaters are also included in the garden heater as well.

The endless summer patio heater radiates its warmth in a circular form and can conveniently reach 10 feet of circular heat movement. It is designed to seat on an outdoor table has a fuel tank versatility and uses around 11,000 BTUs .It comes with several safety features. The electric patio heater makes use of around 2.4kw electric heat output, it has a free heater cover, aluminum reflector and efficient heating element. It generates heat through constant electric supply which is regulated by a thermostat.

A patio heater comes with at least 1 year guaranty because of its high quality standards

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