Patio Loungers For Your Home

Chaise lounge literally means a ‘long chair’ in French.  The design of the
chaise lounge originates in 18th-century France. From there the design made its
way to Britain where it became popular during the Victorian era. In America,
today’s loungers can be found on the patio or around a swimming pool; however,
they also make great furniture for a sunroom or a bedroom.

The materials used to make a chaise lounge range from bamboo all the way to
modern plastics of today. Built for comfort, there is nothing like quality set
of patio loungers to spend a relaxing day in the yard or at the beach. Some of
these loungers can recline all the way flat for sunbathing, or they can recline
all the way forward for reading.  They can be used with plush upholstery made
of weather resistant material, or they can be used with the original flat
surface made of wood. Either way the chaise lounge is great for its safety and
comfort. Below are descriptions for the two most popular styles of chaise

Wicker Chaise Lounges 

Wicker lounge chairs are great for outdoor seating. They can be used on on your
deck, on your patio, and around your pool. Their lightweight design and rounded
corners make them perfect when you have a back yard full of children. They can
be folded away or left in place for year round use. Wicker material is 100
percent resistant to weather but you will have to spray them down occasionally
with a mild soap and water. They are also very affordable and come in many
varieties, and so you are sure to find one to suit your needs.  Best of all is
the wicker design.  Wicker is made from a sturdy vine that is very resilient,
which means you can get many years of life out of wicker furniture.

Teak Chaise Lounges 

If you love the outdoors and want a stylish chair then
choose a lounger made out of teak wood. Following the same design principles as
the wicker chair, the teak chair offers a more traditional look and feel. Teak
is a lightweight wood. It capitalizes on its strength to maximize comfort
without adding weight like traditional woods such as oak and pine.
This makes the teak lounger one of the best choices for those that want an
elegant look in their patio furniture without the traditional wicker look and
feel. Some manufacturers will handcraft their teak wood. Therefore, patio
furniture made from teak will be more expensive.

A chaise can offer great quality and value as part of your outdoor furniture
set. The best deals can usually be found on the Internet.


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