Pink Zebra Print Bedding- Decor Ideas

Tips to find decors for Pink Zebra Bedding

If your bedding has zebra prints all over, then it will be better if you restrict the decors to pink or the other color, with less of zebra prints. And if your bedding has too little zebra prints, then you can concentrate more on getting zebra based decors.

This is a place to put all your confusions to stop and go ahead with your zebra bedroom decorations. Though finding the right pink zebra comforter is very important, there are other simple things that will magnificent effect on your bedroom. Stay tuned for updates!

Styles of Pink Zebra Print Bedding

1. Pink and Black Zebra Bedding

This styles is born from the marriage of the feminine pink and the masculine black. Or one can even call it the blend of wildness with tenderness. This style looks best on satin and is one of the popular choices.

2. Pink and white Zebra Bedding

Pink and white zebra bedding are suitable for small spaces with dark walls as they make the room look spacious and bright. Since both the colors are subtle, I advice that you go for another color like black or candy blue or green. That gives a really pleasant effect.

3. Pink, black and White Zebra Bedding

Sometimes, pink and black can seem too loud for baby bedding. So the pink, black and white combination is best suited for a child's room.

Method 1

Method 2

How to Make Your Own Zebra Wall Decors

The first thing anyone would do, to make a zebra-themed room is buy a zebra bedding. But that is just the beginning. Zebra bedding should be matched by zebra print curtains, zebra print lampshade and zebra print carpets. But if you find no time to get so many accessories, just buy or make a zebra wall d├ęcor for your room. Zebra wall art is becoming very popular nowadays because of their simplicity. Here are ways by which you can make beautiful zebra wall art for your room.

Method 1:

Take a rectangular chart paper and draw a pattern like the zebra's skin on it. You can find pictures of zebra skins online or you can choose the picture that you see here. Color it with black poster colors. Use a black marker to make your job easier. Mount it on a black or pink chart depending on the color of your bedding. Frame it with a casual frame.

Method 2:

You can also paint your wall black and white. But do not jump into this activity unless and until you are an average painter with enough patience. You can instead hire a professional painter to do the job for you. For smaller rooms, it is better not to paint all the four walls with zebra print as it might make the room look smaller. Keep your art to one of the walls to get an awesome look.

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Sheena 4 years ago

Do you know where I can buy this comforter set? I would like to buy 2 to match for my daughters :)

Jenifer 4 years ago

How much is the bedding ?

elizabeth21 profile image

elizabeth21 4 years ago Author

Thanks for stopping by:) The comforters featured here are from Amazon. There are good stuffs from $50-200.

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