Planning to Sell Your Home in Today’s Buyer’s Market?

Here are some tips that might hopefully help you in selling your home and avoid selling mistakes.


The first few weeks on the market are critical to your home’s sale. Buyers who have been comparing prices are eager to see new listings. If your home is overpriced compared with other properties in your area, buyers will simply ignore your home. Eventually, you will likely have to lower your price, maybe even below market, just to get any buyer’s attention. To determine your home selling price or to get an idea about your home market value, research on the internet, consult a real estate broker/agent, or get home appraisal.



Selling with or without representation

Some home sellers try the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route to avoid paying a sales commission. This may be a disadvantage because the buyers expect FSBOs to be priced lower than homes sold through a real estate broker. Also, few sellers can generate the kind of marketing exposure that brokers and agents can give your home like they have access to wide networks of customers, agents, databases, internet exposure, and all sorts of marketing plan or strategies 24/7. Plus, less paperwork and headaches for the home sellers.

Home condition

With so many homes to choose from, buyers are turned off by homes that are in poor condition. Make sure that all systems, roof, appliances, flooring, windows, doors, lights, fans, electrical outlets, wallpaper, paint, etc. are in good shape.

Cleanliness and Orderliness

Buyers are turned off by dirt and odors. Clean your home thoroughly including the windows and flooring. You can hire cleaners to help you out. You can also move out temporarily to an apartment or elsewhere while you’re selling your home so you don’t need to clean all the time. Also, a home filled with too many furniture and other stuff feels crowded and messy. Organize everything including closets, cabinets, storage areas. You may want to store some stuff in a friend or relative’s place, or in self-storage companies like U-Store or Public Storage.

Curb appeal

The exterior appearance such as curb appeal is also critical in getting buyers. Make it clean, simple, and well-maintained. Remove weeds and overgrown shrubs. Keep the lawn edged, watered, and fertilized. Trim your trees and shrubs. Don’t forget to put a fresh welcome mat in your front door. You may want to consider power-washing your home’s exterior or give it a fresh coat of paint, if needed.

Easy access or availability of your home

The more easily a potential buyer can tour your home, the more showings you are likely to have. Determine what days and hours your home will be available for showings. You can either request advance notification or you want your agent to be contacted first. If lock box is allowed in your county, much better so you don’t need to be there to open the house each time there’s a buyer. The agent will just update you of what happened. Nowadays, buyers tend to feel uncomfortable examining a home while the sellers are present. If you happen to unlock the house each time there’s a potential buyer, you may want to step to a neighbor’s home or elsewhere then wait for the agent’s call when they’re done visiting your home.

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fdoleac profile image

fdoleac 6 years ago from Hollis, New Hampshire

The key is position the asking price against your competition so that you can benefit from their overpricing. It's the law of supply and demand - fewer buyers, more sellers = lower price.

dyesebel10 profile image

dyesebel10 6 years ago from USA Author

thanks fdoleac for sharing your ideas.

FCEtier profile image

FCEtier 6 years ago from Cold Mountain

We just put our house on the market in Maggie Valley,NC. I'll use your article as a check list! Thanks!

dyesebel10 profile image

dyesebel10 6 years ago from USA Author

thanks FCEtier.. good luck on your house selling.

websclubs profile image

websclubs 6 years ago

Homeownership, pre-qualification, first-time homebuyers purchasing Power--Fed Tax Credit's... hot tip: ERA Real Estate, can buy your house. Curb appeal helps to close the deal. The home's dirt and odors turned off buyers. IF you’re selling your home, store some stuff in Public Storage etc. Unless you are selling as is? For Sale By Owner: less paperwork? Buyers market!

Very useful advice. Thanks

dyesebel10 profile image

dyesebel10 6 years ago from USA Author

thanks websclubs for the nice comment.

dkm27 profile image

dkm27 4 years ago from Chicago

Very informative article. We live in a Chicago suburb and tried to sell in August-October, took it off the market, made further upgrades and will try again in April. We have an in ground pool, so our's is a harder sell. The pool has been wonderful for us, but so many buyers do not want the hassle. Very helpful information. Thank you.

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