Plant bulbs for spring color


Fall is the best time to buy your bulbs. Bulbs can provide you with an early show of color in spring, are easy to take care of and are easy to plant. Because they multiple over the years though their root system all you have to do is dig them up and break off the smaller bulbs from the main bulb and replant increasing your number of blooms.

Fall bulbs come in three types

There are three types of bulbs to choose from:

Species - those that grow in the wild.
Hybrids - those that are obtained by cross-breeding.
Horticultural varieties - more highly specialized through pollination of two species or varieties.

Many of the popular hybrids have bigger blooms and more vividly colors. They can cost more but are well worth the price - three or four bulbs can reproduce off shoots in two years increasing your display.


Sun or Partial shade

Planting bulbs is as easy as digging a hole 6 to 8 inches deep, add a little bone meal, cover with soil, pat down firmly and water. Mulch to prevent soil from drying out and re-water as needed.


Rewards of bulbs

Bulbs, corms and tubers are the easiest and most rewarding of garden plants. If you do not have a green thumb you can basically plant them and forget them till it is time to deadhead them. They increase themselves, are very tolerant to most soil types, and can be planted as stand alone plants, ground-cover, in groupings or in a rock garden or around a tree and always look great. They can be left in the ground year after year if you do not plant them in heavy, waterlogged soil.


Taking care

With care your bulbs can last for years. Remove weeds by hand and do not use weed killer. Water around the base of the plants and continue to water until the leaves turn yellow and die. Each spring rake in commercial bulb food. Divide bulbs every four years to avoid overcrowding.


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