Adorn Your Windows with Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can be used on the interior or the exterior of your home and are used both for decorative as well as functional purposes. They are constructed of various materials; however the wood and vinyl shutters are the most popular models. This type of window treatment is made up of slats, or louvers, that can be manipulated to open or close which in turn controls the amount of light and privacy the owner desires. The louvers are connected to the panel by pins, which are not visible but make it possible for the tilt rod to be operated with ease.

Plantation shutters can be fitted to just about any window, including odd shaped windows such as arched windows, and windows in other shapes, such as octagon or hexagon shaped windows. In addition, these shutters are often crafted into doors, which fold up accordion style when not in use.

For the most part, shutters commonly used in the plantation houses the early settlers lived in, adorned windows. Nowadays they are typically affixed with hinges at both sides of the window and can be folded back to expose the entire window or closed for complete privacy. When they are closed, homeowners have the option of opening the slats to let in light.

These shutters are used largely for decorative purposes on the inside of the home.  When used on the exterior of the home, however, not only do they provide an aesthetic quality to the home but they also offer protection against the elements. The shutters keep out the cold and wind and protect windows against breakage during raging storms.  In fact, originally one of the main purposes of these shutters was to protect homes from hurricanes.

When using the wood shutters, homeowners can buy them finished, or unfinished with the option of staining or painting them. They are made from a wide variety of material: Hardwoods such as Cedar or Alder wood; Basswood; Faux Wood; or Vinyl.  Of course prices vary a lot, depending on the type of wood you use with the hard wood shutters being the most expensive. 

Plantation shutters are generally made to last a long time and can easily be updated by repainting or refinishing to provide a fresh, updated look to the home.  They're also usually easy to repair; something which adds to their longevity and their growing popularity!  After a lot of wear the louvers can sometimes become disengaged from the panel, but instead of having to buy new window treatments homeowners can simply replace the louvers with replacement pins. When making an initial investment into your home this is the sort of thing that is important to consider. Don't only look at what is cheapest, but think about repairs and the cost of upkeep.   

While window treatments for the home can be quite an investment, it is important to choose coverings that offer not only adornment, but protection as well. Choosing Plantation shutters will ensure that your home will not only look beautiful but will be protected from the elements as well.


Lissie profile image

Lissie 7 years ago from New Zealand

Must admit I don't like them much OK in very hot climates - but they seem out of place in milder climates

shutters 7 years ago

Great information, I love plantation shutters they can really add a touch of class to your home. I think this hub has loads of good information on it. Well done.

Rosa Berger 6 years ago

Plantation shutters are really a great way for enhancing a house. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Shutters are great in and around Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. Among the best brands, I have heard, is Kirtz Shutters. Kirtz shutters, headquartered in Stillwater under the name of The Shutter Mill, Inc., produces all types of shutters using woods mainly from North America. They have their own installers in some areas and work with certified dealers in others. If you want shutters, Kirtz shutters are probably worth look at. In addition, their website has the most wonderful pictures of room's interiors (

bjolley 5 years ago

I think plantation shutters make a room look a lot better. It dresses the window instead of just covering the glass like most blinds do. Thank you for the post.

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