Planting Poison Oak In Your Yard Adds Value To Your Home.

Poison Oak is a Killer plant for all parts of your home garden.

Poison Oak is a great plant to naturalize on your property. It is easy to grow once established rarely needs watering. I has beautiful foliage and can ether take the habit of growing erect like a bush or spreading out or climbing like a vine. It is a very durable plant in many locations and extremely hardy. Plant it as an ornamental or as a ground cover or let it climb trees on your property. People are impressed that you chose such a plant and learn to respect you.

Lovely Poison Oak In My Front Yard.


Nursery's Have it for sale but you have to ask for it.

Nursery's have it for sale but usually hide it because people tend to touch plants before buying them. You have to ask for it . Often it is out of stock because of increasing popularity. A home surrounded by Poison oak is a sanctuary because this plant brings double negative karma to any property and that becomes a positive.

No one will mess with a poison oak yard .
No one will mess with a poison oak yard . | Source

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