Plastic Divider Boxes for Home and Office Use

Clear Plastic Divider Box
Clear Plastic Divider Box

Plastic divider boxes are some of the most versatile storage containers you can find. From hunters, to fisherman to stay at home moms, all kinds of folks have found extensive uses for these special boxes, which allow you to customize the shape and size of their internal compartments. Whether your primary purpose is to organize, store securely, or just keep tabs on the little pieces you always lose easily, a good set of plastic divider boxes will make your task simpler and keep your belongings dry and intact. 

Plastic Divider Boxes for the Playroom

Plastic divider boxes are a staple of the organized home. They can be used effectively in any room, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the workshop. They not only keep your small and easy-to-lose parts in one place, but they force you to sort them as well.

Plastic Bins & Kids

Anyone with little ones running around their home will immediately understand the value of a single, coherent place to put all the small pieces and sharp toys that like to get stepped on in the dark! Using plastic divider bins, you can teach your children how to clean up their toys whenever they are finished playing. Customizing the compartments and their sizes provides another opportunity for exploration and learning. Most importantly, it keeps small pieces from getting lost - thus reducing the likelihood of a meltdown.

Using Plastic Divider Bins in the Kitchen

Another ideal use for plastic divider boxes is as a makeshift spice rack. If you have many different spices at home, you can keep them in ziploc or plastic bags and sort them in a see-through divider box like the one pictured above. This makes for quick identification when you are cooking and need that one certain flavoring to round out a dish. In addition, you can stretch the longevity of your spices by keeping them in these airtight plastic containers, which help to seal in their potency.

How about those specialty cooking tools that always get lost at the back of your drawers? Just make a few quick adjustments to your plastic divider box and make several compartments that will accommodate odds and ends like espresso machine attachments, various icing nozzles, small batteries for your devices, or even long matches for lighting your stove. The most attractive thing about these plastic divider boxes is that you can make them work for you. Whatever the task, they just require a few quick adjustments in order to fit everything perfectly.

Plastic Divider Boxes for Workroom Sanity

If you have a toolshed or workshop at home, you already know how frustrating it can be to try and track down that one tiny screw when you are desperate to finish up a project. Small parts scattered all over your work area wastes your time and makes it far more difficult to finish jobs than it needs to be. A sturdy divider box that rests on your desk or shelf can totally eliminate all the mess by keeping your small parts in easy to reach and easy to identify compartments. 

If you take the time to label your various compartments, your divider box can become the ultimate organization tool for nuts, bolts, and screws. You can take a piece of tape and write the size and type of each item to stick over the compartment. This allows you to find exactly what you are looking for in just a quick glance. 

If you know a disorganized craftsman or craftswoman that needs  little help getting their act together, making a gift of one of these see through plastic divider boxes can also serve as a gentle suggestion that it's time to get everything organized. 

Divider Boxes and the Great Outdoors

Surprisingly enough, many people don't consider using their sturdy divider boxes for their outdoor excursions. Even though these special containers are air-tight, often water-tight, and highly durable, they have earned a thoroughly domestic reputation over the years. Nevertheless, hunters, fisherman and avid campers have been using them for decades to store, secure and sort everything from ammunition to tackle. 

Plastic Divider Boxes and Hunting

You can keep your various call whistles, urine sprays, buckshot cartridges and field dressing supplies safe, dry and organized when you head out on your next hunting trip. Divider boxes fit easily into a regular backpack and can be quickly customized in the field to hold various objects as the need arises. You can stop worrying about rain and moisture compromising your supplies once you get your hands on a divider box with a good rubber lining around its rim. 

The Fisherman's Best Friend

This one is pretty much a no-brainer. You can put all your fishing tackles in one divider box which will allow you to see them clearly and even sort them left to right or top to bottom based on their uses. 

Good plastic divider boxes are waterproof and can even be fitted with a small floating buoy in case they happen to go overboard so you can easily retrieve them. 

The Camp Chef's Mobile Pantry

Many savvy campers will bring along one or two plastic divider boxes to their campsite. They'll include all the ingredients for their meals, sorted for easy use, and cook right from the divider box. You can set your mobile pantry up on a stool or log for easy access. Again, being airtight and waterproof makes for an ideal camping box that will keep your ingredients fresh. 

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