Plastic Outdoor Furniture Review - Suncast SS1000 Storage Seat

Are you looking for good weather-proof storage for exposed locations of your house? Then you may be interested in this piece of plastic outdoor furniture, the Suncast SS1000 storage seat. It is basically a plastic box (24 inches wide x 22 inches deep x 17.5 inches high) where you can store your stuff with a seat on top of it. Despite being plastic, it is very solidly built. It has no trouble supporting the weight of large men over 200 pounds.

This piece of plastic outdoor furniture is really weather-proof. It has been left in the sun and rain and the exterior of theĀ Suncast SS1000 storage seat has not faded. Things stored inside, whether they are your shoes, towels for the pool, or food for your fish pond remain dry even in the heaviest downpour. Just note that this storage seat is water-proof but not airtight. So if you need to store something with a strong smell (e.g. manure) without stinking up the whole house, you may need to look for a different product.

Just be careful if you live in a place with very cold winters. Remember that plastic becomes brittle and can easily shatter if hit with a sharp blow. Like any other plastic outdoor furniture, theĀ  Suncast SS1000 storage seat is no exception. You may need to move it into the warmth of your house in winter. If this is not possible, this product may not be suitable for your needs.

The seat is also the lid of the Suncast SS1000 storage box. It is hinged and flips open to provide access to the inside of the box. At a height of 17.5 inches, this plastic outdoor furniture might be uncomfortably low for you if you are tall. If that is the case, just buy a thick cushion.

As plastic outdoor furniture, the Suncast SS1000 storage seat looks pretty good. Although the manufacturer advertises that it has a Wainscot design, it is obviously still made of plastic. But it does not look like cheap plastic, despite the $40 list price (in most shops). It looks and feels sturdy, it does not wobble, and you can easily clean it by hosing it down or just wiping it with a wet cloth and detergent. It is not like wooden furniture which you need to paint from time to time to prevent rotting, so it is very convenient.

Most retailers sell the Suncast SS1000 storage seat disassembled - pretty common for plastic outdoor furniture, really. It is easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions in the order they are given and snap the panels and different pieces together. You do not even need any tools. However, it is important to follow the assembly instructions because you cannot disassemble the storage seat if you get it wrong. Some customers have skipped steps and been unable to attach the bottom to the box while others found themselves unable to attach the seat top to the hinge. If you miss either the top or the bottom, can be somewhat wobbly and is definitely no longer weather-proof.

Unlike many plastic outdoor furniture and household products, the Suncast SS1000 storage seat is made in America and clearly goes through good quality control. It is good and it is cheap, a very rare combination nowadays. It is NOT the common shoddy made in China but branded in America products. You get a sturdy, solid water-proof and weather-proof box which keeps your miscellaneous items dry and a place to sit.

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