Use A Pond Skimmer To Help Keep Your Backyard Pond Clean

courtesy of donna62
courtesy of donna62

Dirty Backyard Pond?

What a pond skimmer does is remove floating debris from your backyard pond. This debris can be leaves and twigs, grasses and other things that float on the surface of the pond. There are three types of filters, biological, mechanical and chemical, and they each work in different ways to keep your ponds clean.

A pond skimmer is similar to a regular pool skimmer. It is usually placed in the ground at one end of the pond, buried in the ground with only the top of the box above the water line. If your pond has a rubber liner, then this would attach to the front of the box.

The water flows through the opening, through a tilted door, keeping larger branches out, while allowing smaller debris to pass through. Leaves and other objects are collected in a net, or some similar collection device and the filtered water is then pumped back to the pond itself.

This entry door can be closed to clean the filters, and screens, which need to be routinely checked and maintained to extend the life of the skimmer itself.

Why Do You Need A Pond Skimmer?

They are important not only for keeping the top of the pond looking good, leaves and other garbage create an unhealthy environment for fish and water plants. As this debris decay, they sink to the bottom and create unhealthy gases, possibly killing plants and fish.

They also keep the pump from clogging up. In many cases these pumps are buried underground, and if they malfunction, it could cost a lot of money to dig them up and replace. Skimmers are a valuable part of your ponds maintenance, and often work in conjunction with other filters and pumping systems.

Choosing The Right One For Your Your Situation

Pond skimmers come in many different styles, depending on your needs. Standard skimmers can skim 1200 to 3000 gallons per hour, depending on the size of your pond, and if you have a really large body of water, then there are some available that can filter up to 5000 gallons and hour.

One of the nice features of these pond skimmers is that the tops, which is really the only thing that you see, can be removed to clean the filters, or replace them if needed. The door itself, called a Weir, is specifically made to force the water to the top, creating the best skimming.

Adjustments For A Good Fit

When you are planning to purchase and install one of these skimmers, make sure that it fits snugly in the hole. This is important to prevent it from settling, and sinking below the optimal water level.

It is also important that the skimmer is positioned on installation at the right level, to ensure proper water flow into the skimmer itself so it can do the best job possible.

A Good Choice For A Clean Pond

There are many different websites that sell pond skimmers and other water related accessories. You might also find them at your local nursery, or garden center.

Make sure that you check carefully with each retailer so that you not only get the best deal possible, but also to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. Using one of these skimmers, in conjunction with your other filtration and pumping systems, will ensure that your pond and any living things in it will be healthy for a long time.

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