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Pool Cleaner Secrets Flushed Out: We're Not Suckers! [Published in 2010]

Swimming season is coming soon, and we have found some great information about the well known models to help you get ready to open your pool. Make sure that you conatc a number of suppliers to be sure to get the best price on your supplies.

Swimming pool and hot tubs (spas) need periodic cleaning to remove debris that either grows or falls into the pool or spa. When cleaning a pool, it is conventional to use a vacuum cleaning device that gets its suction from the pool's permanent filtration system.

Pool vacuums are one example of such a tool. Pool vacuums often use suction to grab dust, dirt, and other rubbish from both the bottom and the top of the pool. Pool vacuums and sweepers, whether manual or automatic, are a must at most pools. The most commonly used pool tools, vacuums and sweepers are available in a variety of models and should be studied thoroughly, as not all will work efficiently in all pools.

Pool Vacuums

Pool vacuums otherwise known as ‘cleaners', are designed to adapt to both above-ground and inground pools. The type of pool vacuum you choose will depend on the type and design of pool, as well as the texture of the pool floor.

Pool cleaners also come with specials heads that are used for specific jobs. For instance, the pool vacuum should come with:-

  1. A brush head to clean the bottom and sides of the pool,
  2. Swivel heads, heavy duty metal heads and floating heads that skim across the top of the water to suck up leaves or other debris floating on top.

Pool vacuums can be used to pick up leaves, but they also can keep harmful substances from getting established in a pool.

Two types of cleaners are available. The first is the original manual type where it is necessary to guide a pole mounted cleaner around the pool. You can imagine that this is a time consuming an uninteresting task.

Most suppliers also supply pool cleaners that are operated by hand, but they also sell a variety of automatic cleaners.

Items that sink to the bottom will stay on the bottom unless vacuumed up. If people don't vacuum their pools, anything that sits on the bottom such as a leaf, will stain the concrete of the pool and will remain there for everyone to see for years.

Many items will of course move gradually toward the intake and be vacuumed up by the non-portable vacuum cleaner (pool filter) but not all these items are taken out of the pool and into the main pool filter bank even over a long period. The non-portable pool vacuum is very suitable for cleaning large, substantially flat and smooth expanses in the pool, but cannot be expected to be used without any portable cleaning, much as most of us would like it to do all the necessary cleaning!

Automatic pool cleaners will clean your aboveground or inground pool for you. They do cost more than the manual vacuums, but take almost all of the labor out of cleaning your pool. Automatic ones are often, despite their price, preferred over the manual ones, because many of them are self-cleaning and require only the assistance of a remote control to do the work.

In fact automatic pool cleaners are all the rage now as they work with little supervision and require less time from pool owners than manual pool vacuums. These automated robots move along the bottom and at the sides of your pool to remove debris stuck under your pool.

The Baracuda Pool Cleaner

Zodiac is a leading manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners. Powered by Baracuda Technology and available for in-ground and aboveground pools, the complete line of pool products offer the latest in pool cleaning technology.

ZODIAC, is a leading manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners. It has designed the Baracuda G3_ to clean pools up to the specified size. We recommend that you refer to their web site for details. ZODIAChas also designed the Baracuda G3TM to clean your inground pool more thoroughly, effectively, and economically than ever before. This manufacturer says that no other automatic pool cleaner is built better. Zodiac Pool Care also claim to have made swimming pool and spa maintenance simpler for all. Zodiac are not shy to declare their capabilities either and they say that as a world leader in aquatic and pool care pool products, they offer the most extensive line of quality pool care products and pool supplies available.

The Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Pool Supply are growing and have moved so the service is celebrating their new Frisco location with a grand opening event, we are told. The event will include store-wide sales, so we hope our readers will be able to obtain a low price for the duration of their sale. Dolphin pool cleaners, also known as Blue Dolphin pool cleaners, can help you keep your swimming pool water crystal clear and safe to swim in. This is we are informed, a high quality line of swimming pool cleaners, designed to make cleaning chores involving your swimming pool much easier.


POOLplaza provides vast selection of pool supplies, products, equipment, swimming pool parts , and services. Premier brand name products include Polaris automatic pool cleaners ; Kreepy Krauly automatic cleaners; Hayward pumps , filters, and automatic pool cleaners ; PacFab Pumps , heaters, and filters; Sta-Rite Pumps, heaters, automatic pool cleaners and filters; and RayPac heaters.

The Pool Rover Pool Cleaner

Pool Rover is a pool cleaner which is stated to be good for above ground pools and works independently from the filter system which means extra filtering when water remains still overnight when not during filter cycle which is usually 8-10 hrs. .

Polaris 380 Pool Cleaners

Polaris pool cleaners say that they have the most extensive network of warranty repair stations and parts distributors available. The company says that the design and dependability of the Polaris line of pool cleaners has made it the industry leader in automatic pool cleaners. Polaris Pool Systems provides a one year warranty on this automatic pool cleaner with over a thousand warranty service centers to help you. Take advantage of Polaris's trade-up rebate program and enjoy the many benefits of your new Polaris 380 automatic pool cleaner today (click on details to the left under image).

The Poolrite StingRay

We are told by this company that suction cleaners have come a long way and that they are even better with the Poolrite StingRay and it's simple, inexpensive mechanism. This we are told is new and improved technology - a quite quality product - exceptional value for money. Suction is created on the underside of the pool cleaner by your pool's filter pump. Dirt and small debris is sucked up into the cleaner and through a hose to your strainer basket and filter, where the dirt and debris are trapped.

The Kreepy Krauly

KREEPY KRAULY is designed to work in concrete, fiberglass, tile- and vinyl-lined pools. KREEPY KRAULY is said to be easy on your vinyl liner, with only the soft foot pad and seal in contact with your liner.. However, some vinyl-lined pools have deteriorated liners due to pool water chemistry, sunlight, and other factors, so don't expect this cleaner to remedy that problem. Kreepy Krauly also features an exclusive starfish seal for use in concrete pools and is also available with a universal seal for all inground pools.

Kreepy Krauly installs in minutes as no tools or special plumbing are required, the manufacturer states, and uses true random pattern coverage to clean both the walls and floor of the pool, automatically. Whether your inground pool is round, rectangular, oval or free form; whether your pool is gunite (sprayed concrete), vinyl, fiberglass, or tile, Kreepy Krauly say that their cleaner will will keep it sparkling clean and ready to use.

We hope that we have reviewed all of the top products but please leave a comment if there are others which we have omitted and we will add them here.

Pool with a simple automatic cleaner.
Pool with a simple automatic cleaner.

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reiki2 8 years ago

Some good advice on pool cleaning

paulmcp profile image

paulmcp 8 years ago from Central Ontario

Super Hub - It's almost time to open the pool (Ontario - it's like 58 F right now) but I'll be back in (about a month)

prophet25 profile image

prophet25 8 years ago

Do not have a pool to clean, but I must say that this is a good read! Great hub

julieannevanzyl profile image

julieannevanzyl 8 years ago from Gold Coast

Great options for cleaning pools for pool owners

Kenny  6 years ago

Great reviews here. These are pretty popular products. NationWidePools.com carries some of the best pool cleaning products as well so check them out.

blutrank 6 years ago

Kreepy is not as good as it was before Pentair bought them out. The once great pool cleaner as fallen like all products that come from the large companies. To cut cost and make more money Pentair products has cut the weight of the product by making all the parts lighter. My first kreepy lasted 12 years giving me great service. My second has lasted 2 years with so so service, and Pentair will not honor their warranty. To bad it was a good product.

tess cusipag 5 years ago

Is it safe to leave kreepy crawler vaccuum overnight?

Online Pool Shop 4 years ago

Oz Pool Supplies are your online pool supplies and equipment store. Pool pumps, pool cleaners, pool accessories and more.


Online Pool Shop


swimfan profile image

swimfan 3 years ago from United States

Super detailed article on pool cleaning. Thanks.

David Buckner profile image

David Buckner 10 months ago

When I worked in the pool business we were all about selling Dolphin vacuums! Haha, they work the best out of the robotics we had, and the $ amount was always nice for the store of course :)

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