Pool Heater - An Affordable Way To Heat Up Your Pool

A pool heater can be operated with either solar, electric or gas components. A pool heater often comprises of different components used for setting the right heating temperatures for a pool enclosure. The pool heater automatically switches off when the certain required temperature is reached.

Solar pool heaters are often recommended for recreational pool users. It makes use of pool temperatures within the range of 80 degrees and they work by trapping solar energy directly from the sun, the pool pumps heat the water through the solar panels while pump timer is used in setting the time for the energy generation. The size of solar heater determines the temperature of the pool and the efficiency of the heater in heating the pool. The use of solar pool heaters will increase your electricity bill from between $25 to $80 a year which is quite inexpensive. You don’t need to pay for the solar energy.

A gas pool heater uses heat pumps to generate electricity and these heat pumps pull down heat extracted from the air, the pump make use of a compressor to shift the heat inside the pool water. A gas pool heater is more expensive than the solar heater in operation and maintenance cost as you may have to spend more than $1,000 on fuel and maintenance every year.


Hayward pool heaters are swimming pool heaters often used as residential swimming pools and spas. The total Hayward system includes swimming pool heating products which are of the highest quality standards. Hayward pool heaters also include the sale of heating accessories such as heating pumps, filters, automatic pool cleaners, chlorinators and lightning system. Hayward pool heaters increase your swimming time sessions because of the sensational and excellent products that accompany your heating system.

Above ground pool heaters are the perfect pool heaters that can help you keep your pool warm all year round. It helps you conserve energy and offer you a warm swimming sensation especially in the evenings. Above ground pool heaters make use of several technologies which help the pool conserve heat, they have solar blankets of cover which prevent the pool from losing its heat through evaporation and air movement thereby preventing heat loss. Apart from this, the solar blanket allows direct heat from the sun to penetrate and heat up the pool, most of these heaters are gas-powered hence they are very expensive to maintain.

Laars pool heater is a modern pool heater which makes use of several features including an electronic ignition , and a  Dual Digital Programmable Temperature Control Display. They rely on gas generation to inject heat into a swimming pool.  They make use of heat exchangers for a better control of their heating system, but quite expensive to maintain. A Raypak pool heater is a digital gas pool heater which makes use of gas fired hydronic heating boilers. They are often used for both commercial and residential pool heating purposes.

It is ideal to consider some factors such as electricity and maintenance bills when choosing the most ideal pool heater for your home or commercial needs.

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