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Portable Air Conditioning

The summer is quickly coming upon us and portable air conditioning can help you cope with the heat. If you live somewhere that doesn't have AC or doesn't allow for it to be installed, making it through the hot summer months can be brutal. Hot weather can be very difficult for the elderly, the very young, and pets that stay home during the day. While there are many methods for cooling your house without AC, a portable AC unit may be your best option.

All that portable air conditioning units require is an electric outlet and a window that the exhaust vent can fit in to. While they are portable, they must be within reach of a window for them to work properly.

Like traditional central air systems, a portable air conditioning system works in the same fashion. They take air from inside your house, lower the temperature with coolant or water, and expel the hot air through an exhaust vent. The major benefit though, is you can bring it with you throughout your house or apartment to keep you cool.  You can also store it in your closet when you don't need it so that it's there and ready for the next heat wave.  Be sure to drain any water out of it before storing it though.  

Benefits of Portable AC

The best thing about portable air conditioning systems is their price. They only cost a fraction of what a central air system would be. This is a great investment for people who live in temperate climates and only need the assistance a few days out of the year. The cost to operate them can be lower too, if close attention is paid to when they are running. It's really easy to enjoy the luxury of cool air blowing in your face and forget to turn it off. Set the thermostat a little warmer than a comfortable temperature if it is going to run for more than a couple of hours (72-74 degrees).

Installation usually doesn't require any extra work. The exhaust hoses are designed for easy installation. Make sure to have the proper amount of space required by the manufacturer for optimum operation.


The drawbacks of portable air conditioning are minimal. The key is knowing what you are buying. If it's cheap looking, it's probably cheap working. And the same goes for all appliances, buy from a reputable shop and know what your warranty entails, should you ever need it.

Portable AC is the perfect summer accessory. If you need it, it's there for you. Just don't forget to turn it off!!

Portable air conditioning rental is also available for short term use. If you predict that you may need it for more than one summer, invest in your own. For outdoor events or parties, portable AC rental may be very useful.

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portableac7 profile image

portableac7 6 years ago

The big point that we must consider carefully is about the size power capacity...

Dan - Air Conditioning Installer 6 years ago

In small rooms portable air con units are a great idea and can really save you some big $$$. Really need to be careful of usage as it can sometimes cost you more money to run if your not careful.

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