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If you have a little garden at home, you can easily turn it into a private oasis just by adding some selected accessories, such as preformed ponds. Nothing brings nature to life more than water. Picture your garden full of beautiful flowers, and little birds drinking or having a bath on a hot summer day! Having a preformed pond in the garden can do many things to enhance not only your personal enjoyment and satisfaction but can provide other benefits as well. By using one, an avid gardener can avoid many hassles that other types of ponds may have and still have individuality that sets it apart from other gardens.

Here we will tell you some basic tips on choosing your new preformed pond: what they are, which types are available, and how to install it for a proper enjoyment.

What is a preformed pond?

Sure, you can try building your own pond by digging, measuring, and adding a pond liner. You will then choose the exact size of your garden pond, but it will certainly take a lot of money and hard work. You can obtain a good result with less effort if you purchase a preformed pond. Ideal for those of us who are on a budget and can only spend a limited amount of time working in our gardens, they are available in most garden stores. Additionally, they are a great garden centerpiece that will bring some wildlife and a natural look into your garden.

Preformed ponds come in many shapes, sizes, and depths. A preformed pond can be custom made to suit your needs as  well! Generally made from high-molecular weight polyethylene, preformed ponds are highly durable and resist cracking or tearing even with frequent freezing and thawing in colder climates that can happen with concrete ponds or lined ponds. Once installed properly, they shouldn’t give any problems.

Consider that concrete ponds must have a contractor to install it and takes time to set before you can even fill the pond with water. However, using a preformed pond kit, a gardener can have their pond set up by the end of the day ready to enjoy. Preformed ponds can allow for different areas not normally used for ponds such as patios or even in the house!

Why install a preformed one?

There are several benefits of having a pond in the garden or yard, including an increase in property value with the addition of a preformed pond as well as making all your friends and relatives green with envy. Not only are they easy to install, but their sturdy pond lips make them a cinch to level as well and provide a little lip to help prevent runoff from upsetting the balance of the pond.

The best part is, you will save money on installation. They can be completely installed by you, no need to hire a contractor, unless of course you want to! They can also easily be used for above ground ponds with proper support. This is great for gardeners who have hard to dig soils like clay or ground with lots of rocks or tree roots.

Some of the benefits

If you are still unsure whether you should invest in your garden, consider that preformed ponds can be useful, and not just for aesthetical reasons. One benefit that is particularly handy is that any fish that may be in the pond will eat mosquito eggs and larvae, keeping them in check and reducing the risk of disease and general irritation that mosquito's bring. Forget about those awful mosquitoes on summer nights, go out and enjoy your garden! Sit by your pond and let the sight of the water calm you down after a long, hard day.

By getting a kit and adding koi fish and water plants as well as some rocks and sand, anyone can greatly enhance the look of their yard or garden. And don’t worry about the size: if you want a big pond, go for it! Larger pools actually need less maintenance than small pools because with more water it is easier to maintain the healthy balance of the pond.

Some precautions

Even though installing one is a much easier task than installing other kinds, you still have to take some precautions. For example, if you wish to add some fish to your pond, make sure you have the proper filtrating system installed. After all, every pond requires some kind of maintenance, but that’s nothing compared to the many years of satisfaction this item will bring.

If you do decide and hire someone to install the pool make sure that the individual is certified and trained for installation of ecosystem ponds or else the pond won't look good for long and it will mean more money to replace any plants that shouldn't have been planted in or next to the pond in the first place. Just because it is preformed definitely doesn't mean you can't have a pond that is as unique as you are!

Make sure you check the contour of your land before installation. If you place your pond in the lower part of the land, rainwater may run off into it, chemicals from your lawn (such as fertilizers) may be washed into the pond and ruin it. So choosing the place properly will prevent a future relocation.

In Conclusion

Preformed ponds come in different colours, textures and designs: some of the most common are black, green, granite, and sandstone. Besides, there is a large selection of accessories to choose from lighting to adding islands. Your garden can look as pretty as you have always wanted it. The only limit is your imagination!

Using a preformed pond kit allows the average gardener to add that water feature they always wanted with reasonable costs and unlimited options to create that wow factor all lawn and garden enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. Choose the one that better suits your outdoor space, decide a location and very soon you will be able to enjoy it.

Courtesy of AndyRob
Courtesy of AndyRob

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