Preparing for a Seamless Summer Move

Summer is a time of cooking out, family gatherings, outdoor sports, concerts, picnics and, of course, moving house. Families all over the country choose to move in the summer as it brings ideal weather and the perfect chance for both parents and children to be free from work or school. But pulling off the perfect seamless move requires more than just picking the right season. These Top 3 Tips from a Durham moving company can help you make your summer move easy, breezy and done in time for a housewarming cookout.

1. Be Realistic About What You Can and Can't Do

The first thing you should do when planning a move is to sit down and make a Master To Do list. Include absolutely everything you and your family need to do, from packing boxes and wrapping valuables to dismantling beds or other furniture, transferring services, canceling paper or other regular deliveries and anything else you can think of. Review the list with your family, they're bound to think of things you overlooked. Once you have the whole list in front of you, be realistic about what you can do yourself. It may be worthwhile to consider hiring a local moving company to help with part or the entire move.

2. Pack Smart!

Packing up a house can be a bit fun at first. It's a chance to go through things, clear out drawers and even discover things you forgot you had. But, as time goes on and the moving day draws near, it's easy for things to get a bit chaotic. Often, this is when people start just throwing everything they can find into boxes and labeling them 'Misc' – if they bother labeling them at all. But there are a few different ways you can pack smarter and help yourself move everything easier and even help with the unpacking at the other end.

Make a Schedule – Take whatever time you have and make a plan for how to tackle each room one at a time. Some rooms you may need to split up. For example, pack up the utensils, pans and dishes you rarely use from your kitchen early, but leave time to pack your daily things the day before your move.

Snap Some Photos – Before you unplug the stereo, pull the wires from the back of the computer or get ready to move your new video gaming system, take a picture of how everything is hooked up in the back and from the front.

Bag It and Tag It – Keep a box of sandwich bags and a black permanent marker on hand. Anytime you find yourself with small parts to bookshelves, furniture or anything else, pop them into a bag, zip it shut and write down what they're for. Keep all of the bags together in a small box or canvas tote bag.

3. Don't Be Shy About Asking for Help

Even if you've chosen to do your own moving, you can still use the list you created in step 1 as a blueprint for your family's move. Go through each item and section them out. Delegate tasks to you family – each member of the family can handle some aspect of the move. Whether it's having your son pack up all the movies, games and entertainment items from the family room or asking your spouse to arrange for the transferring of cable, internet and house phone. Giving each member specific tasks to do makes it easier for everyone to help out and knowing who is responsible for what helps you all to work as a team.

Finally, don't overlook your friends. Send out a request for help via FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram or plain old email. You might be surprised how many volunteers you end up with. The more the merrier, though, as plenty of help means lighter work for everyone. Hiring friends isn't free though – don't forget to reward your workforce with pizza, beer, soda or something else at the end of the day.

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