Print Instagram Photos & Create Wall Art

Instagram Canvas Art

The most popular form of photography related wall art uses canvas as a medium and there are a few sites out there that will create canvas wall art from your Instagram photos. One of the best is CanvasPop which is fully integrated with Instagram allowing you to easily import and configure your order. The company will use proprietary technology to enlarge your image on canvas with little loss in quality and offers Instagram canvas photo art at sizes of 12x12 for $39.95 and a 20x20 for $114.

CanvasPop allows you to create canvas wall art from your own Instagram photos. If you're looking for a place to purchase other Instagram photos printed to canvas launched a few months back providing a huge marketplace of Instagram photos. Their 20x20 is a bit cheaper at $79.95, but everyone and their mother seems to be selling their photos on the site so it takes time to sift through all the junk to find great pieces to display on your wall.

Gallery Art From Your Instagram Photos

While a more expensive option, Bumblejax offers gallery quality photo mounting of your Instagram photos on unique materials such as bamboo, acrylic and aluminum in sizes of 7x7, 12x12 and 18x18. If you just want the print, they offer that as well including an upgrade to metallic paper. While the website allows direct importing from Instagram they recommend transferring the highest resolution image to your Mac or PC first, then using the standard upload for the sharpest image due to resolution limitations of the Instagram API. They are currently giving away free prints (drawing a winner each week) and a 15% off coupon to newsletter subscribers making it more affordable.


Bonus Time! More Ideas For Your Instagram Photos

This is a post focusing on wall art from your Instagram photos, but here are a few other ways you can create cool things from your Instagram photos...

Blurb will create photo books!
Stitchtagram will create pillows! .. yes I said pillows
Casetagram will create iPhone cases!
Image Snap will make tiles!
Art Flakes will make stickers!
StickyGram will make magnets!
Calendagram will make .. you guessed it, calendars!

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