Product Review: Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener

Electric Wine-Bottle Opener is a Much Needed Wine Accessory

I like wine and one of the things I wanted to do in the new year was to try more types of wine from around the world.  Now one of the things that you actually need when you want to drink a bottle of wine is a wine bottle opener.  What I had was your regular manual corkscrew.  You know the type that you screw into the cork and as you keep turning the screw, the two levers go up and you pull them down to eject the cork.  The other thing is that before you even get to that point, you have to take out the foil covering the bottle opener, and that can be a task by itself.  So I was surfing Amazon and noticed that they had a sale on wine accessories and the one that got a huge number of stars was the Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener.  It was on sale -- that was a sign for me to get it and like Pavlov's dog, I did. 

The Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener came in a fairly large box for a gadget that's fairly slim. It is a rechargeable wine accessory that comes with its own foil cutter. With the electric opener on its charger base, it measures 5.5 x 15 x 5.3 inches. It's very sleek and just looks cool and doesn't take up much space on your counter. Connect one end of your power cord to the charger base and the plug to the socket.  Now the instruction manual advises you to recharge your electric wine opener for at least six hours but when I pressed the button, it seems to have already been charged. Nevertheless I did charge it. The manual claims that when it is fully charged it can open 30 bottles. I was only opening one bottle so I thought I only needed to charge for approximately 12 minutes but gave it half an hour. When you are charging your wine accessory, the light at the top is a muted red. When the wine accessory is all charged up, the light turns yellow. The Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener is a very simple gadget. There's only one long button that pushes down on its top and its bottom. If you look at the open bottom you can seek the corkscrew embedded inside.

How to Open a Bottle of Wine

First you take the foil cutter and put it over the rim of the wine bottle, keep a strong grasp on it and with your other hand, turn the bottle a few revolutions. Take off the foil cutter and you should very easily remove the foil from the top of the bottle. This was much easier and safer than using a kitchen knife to take off the foil.

Now for the main event, you take the electric wine-bottle opener over the top of the wine bottle and hold it down, then push the bottom end of the button so that the corkscrew does its job. Use your other hand to hold the wine bottle steady. You can tell it's working because you'll hear noise. Keep holding down the bottle and the button until you don't hear any noise and lift. Voila, the cork is gone! It was that simple and so effortless. I looked at the end of the electric wine opener and there was the synthetic cork. To release the cork, push the top end of the button until the cork ejects from the electric wine opener.

This was the easiest time I've ever opened a bottle of wine. If you have arthritis, you will find this wine accessory a godsend. My model was in black and silver, but it's available in two other colors: Champagne and Merlot. I highly recommend you purchasing your own Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener and add it to your collection of wine accessories. You'll find this electric wine opener so convenient when you have to open several bottles of wine at your next party.  This will also be a thoughtful gift for the wine lover.

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SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 5 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

I totally want one of those. It sounds like a neat gadget. Thanks.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 5 years ago from The East Coast Author

Steveo, it's such a cool gadget. I'm glad I got it.

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