Product Review: Presto Cool Touch Electric Foldaway Griddle

I hardly ever use my gas stove. Not since I bought the Presto Cool Touch Electric Foldaway Griddle. I was actually shopping for an electric wok because my current one (which I stole from my mother when I left home -- oh, so many years ago) finally had to be replaced. However I saw this kitchen gadget and I thought this would come in handy. I was tired of making pancakes on a griddle where I could only make two at a time. Now I can make as many as six at a time. Not only can I make more pancakes, I can cook bacon and it even has room for eggs. I was so surprised at how the square surface allowed me to do more.  But what I love about this kitchen appliance is that I can fold away the legs and stow it in a cabinet when I'm not using it. It takes up so little room.

The electric griddle is held in place by a frame that keeps itself cool so that it can be easily moved. The griddle is made from heavy-cast aluminum and has a large cooking surface (14" x 15") that is nonstick. It also has a slide out drip tray so that when you are cooking bacon, sausages, hamburgers, or other meats, you can push the grease into a small hole that drops onto the drip tray. Even better is that the heat is distributed evenly so that I can use all of the surface. Pancakes have consistently come out light and fluffy.

This electric griddle heats up fast and you can set the temperature you want on a Control Master heat control. The griddle gets really hot, I've cooked a hamburger medium well so that the hamburger surface is seared well and traps in the juices inside where it is still pink -- just the way I like it. It makes great grilled cheese sandwiches! Grilling hot dogs on it is a breeze. Bacon doesn't curl when you're cooking on this grill! You can also make great chicken quesadillas, omelets, french toast, even stir-fry dishes. I noticed that I didn't need a lot of oil to cook anything on it.

After cooking, clean-up is so easy. The box says it is fully immersible in your dishwasher, but what I do is take a soapy sponge and just clean it that way. After cleaning you just fold up the legs and put it away for storage. If you have a small kitchen or live in a small apartment, this is a wonderful kitchen appliance to have.

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