Properly Maintaining Your Bathroom Mirror is of the Utmost Importance

So you decided to get a decorative vanity mirror to put that final touch to the bathroom. No matter the decor that you have going, a decorative vanity mirror can add to the overall feel of the room. But no matter how beautiful the vanity mirror, if it is dirty and discolored then the affect is spoiled. So the problem comes up, how do you clean and keep it clean, the mirror and not spoiled it. There is a correct cleaning procedure and certain cleaning material to ensure the vanity mirror retain its beauty and last for many years to come.

decorative vanity mirrors can be gorgeous installations
decorative vanity mirrors can be gorgeous installations

Most products that are advertised for cleaning mirrors will not work for decorative bath vanity mirrors. In fact just good old plain warm water works best for pre-cleaning decorative mirrors and any decorative finishes. This especially good for mirrors that have not been clean in ages because it was in storage. Pre-cleaning makes the actually cleaning a lot easier and less messy. For the actual cleaning, just a damp cleaning rag is needed.

The cleaning material that is needed besides just plain warm water are lint free rags that are smooth and are grit-less. This is so that there is no lint and you don't scratch the mirror. The other materials are Q-Tips, paper towels and old newspapers. Make sure that the newspaper ink does not run. The reason for the newspaper is to dry the mirror and polish the mirror. However, if using paper towels, you need a clean sheet for every pane. This is so that there is no residue left behind.

Then it is time for the Q-Tips. These are used to get and dirt and cleaning solution that are in the corners and creases between the wooden frame and the actual mirror. Just moisten the Q-Tip and get to work. This is a very time consuming job but worth the effort.

There are other good cleaning solutions; one is mixing 2/3 cup water and 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol. If you like, you can add a few drops of ammonia or dish washing soap.

Avoid Acids, Abrasives, and Alkalis when cleaning your bathroom mirror
Avoid Acids, Abrasives, and Alkalis when cleaning your bathroom mirror

Here is another solution...a quart of water and add a cup of white vinegar.

These solutions are for the mirrors only, not the frames. How to tell if the mirror is properly clean is the mirror will sparkle with no streaks. There are some things to always remember not to do when cleaning a mirror. Never spray the cleaning solution directly onto the surface and avoid using any solution that contains harsh ingredients like alkalis.

There three things to remember not to use when cleaning a mirror:

Once the mirror has been properly cleaned, other work that needs attention will show up like if it needs to be re-silvered. However, be forewarned that if the mirror is re-silvered, this may show other things like scratches and age spots that may need some major work to restore the  mirror as close to its original state as possible especially if it is an antique. Do not get any cleaning solution on the frame no matter what the frame is made of. The solution can discolor the material perhaps even change the finish.

If the mirror is properly cleaned and maintained, there is no reason it cannot be used and enjoyed for many years to come.

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Don't you just LOVE when your kids get a hold of your camera. I've goettn some pretty funny pictures over the years. One time I even got a picture of poo. How gross is that! ;) I LOVE all of your posts lately! Especially the little egg one. What a cute idea to have a fun tree for the kids to decorate! You are such a good Mom and I am SO glad that you get to spend Easter with Mr. Finn! You two are the best parents ever and they are SO lucky to have you!

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