Property Virgins

Sandra Rinomato

Property Virgins is an extremely popular show on the Home and Garden channel. The show focuses on first time (virgin) home buyers journey into purchasing a house. It is all about the roller coaster ride that property virgins face on their quest to the American dream. The show also offers great advice on homes, inspections, real estate laws, and all aspects of real estate. The show started in 2006 in Canada and expanded to the USA during it's second season.

The star (host) of the show is Sandra Rinomato from Canada. She is a direct to the point woman who does not sugar coat things. She is as popular as the show itself. She sometimes has to take the roll of therapist and friend. Purchasing a home is definitely an emotional ride. If you are on that "ride" yourself, it's an extremely informative show that really puts things into perspective.

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