Protect Your Heating and Air System and Your Wallet with a Maintenance Agreement

Owning your own home can be exciting, but with ownership comes the responsibility of ongoing maintenance. The HVAC system is one of the areas of the home requiring ongoing maintenance to keep everything running efficiently and as a preventive for larger, more expensive problems. Many homeowners do not have the time to keep up with HVAC maintenance and repairs, and it may also be out of their realm of expertise.

Changing filters every month is not a hard job, and most homeowners can accomplish this with ease. However, in their busy lives, it can easily be overlooked. Hiring someone to come in and change the filter may seem like a waste of money for some, but working with an HVAC contractor with an annual maintenance agreement could actually save you money.

There are several parts of a home heating and air conditioning system that requires regular preventive maintenance and an annual agreement can ensure those areas are completed. How much it costs will depend on the type of system you have as well as the details of the maintenance agreement to which you agree. Anywhere from $200 to $500 annually may seem like a lot of money, but the payments are usually broken down monthly.

Having a contractor come in every month to check on specific areas of your HVAC system can provide a more comfortable feeling by letting you know that everything is working fine. Depending on your agreement, HVAC maintenance will usually cover not only changing the filters every month but also performing an annual check of the system looking for leaks or other dangerous problems with your unit. Technicians will also lubricate the system as needed and keep it clean.

Removing dust and dirt from the inside of the system will not only help it last longer but will also improve its efficiency, saving money on your energy bill. Add to that when you call an HVAC contractor to come and clean the system you will also pay for a service call, something that is usually not charged in a maintenance agreement.

It is also possible that when the technician is performing scheduled maintenance, if they find an issue it can be repaired quickly and will not become a bigger problem later on. Depending on your agreement you will probably still pay for the repair, but a service call is usually included in the cost of your agreement.

Some HVAC contractors will also provide a break on the price of the agreement if the annual cost is paid up front. However, most homeowners opt for the monthly fee so they have a better handle on their household budget. The cost of HVAC maintenance may seem overwhelming for some homeowners, but by purchasing an annual agreement they can save money on regular visits. Additionally, if the system breaks down and you need emergency repairs, you may be put higher on the list for a service call than others since you conduct regular business with them.

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