Queen Palms

Queen palms are one of the over 2000 species of palm trees. They can grow about 15 meters tall and get a big spread upon reaching maturity. Scientifically, they are known as Syagrus romanzoffiana. The queen palm is sometimes referred to as Cocos Palm due to its resemblance with the coconut palm tree. Queen Palms produce edible fruit and make a great plant for a perfect landscaping. A plus point is that they are quite cold hardy and a mature plant can bear temperatures of about 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lets have a look at these beatiful palms in detail.


Pruning: Do not prune too many fonds at once. Prune in winters.

Sun: Plant them where they can get direct sunlight, however protect the seedlings and younger plants from direct sunlight.

Fertilizer requirements: It is important to fertilize the queen palms with appropriate fertilizer twice a year in the growing season.


If you have a queen palm that bears fruit, then there is no better way of propagating it further than germinating fresh seeds. Before sowing the seeds into a mix, make sure you have removed all the fruit particles from it. Removing the fruit particles ensures protection of the seedling from fungi. Keep the fruit in water for a day or so, this will make it easier for you to remove all the fruit of seed. Another tip is to keep the seeds in water for a day or two before sowing them. According to some experts this practice increases the germination rate and make the germinating process quick.

Once the seeds have germinated, make sure you never expose the seedlings to direct sunlight.

Buy Queen Palms

You can buy queen palms of different shapes and sizes online also. A large number of related accessories like pruners etc are also available for purchase. Below are only a few samples for you to choose from and you will be shown a variety of related products on their website.

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