Radiator Cover. Make Sure You have One

A radiator cover is a cover that is designed to prevent people from sustaining injuries from accidentally touching a radiator. Home  Radiator covers come in different sizes, shapes , colours and brands.  Radiator covers can be hand-made or machine made but they are meant for the same purpose of protecting humans from hazards that may result from radiators. Radiator covers are multi-functional in nature and many of them are lead-abatement types often used in the winter to protect the radiator as well as the environment. Other common types of radiator covers include; baseboard radiator covers, custom radiator covers, metal radiator covers ,and wood radiator covers.

A metal radiator cover is very suitable for radiator covering because it radiates heat outside of the radiator and prevents over-heating of the radiator. It is built by putting sheets of metal slides at the sides of the radiator cover. This metal sheets are often made from cast iron materials hence they are durable and conducts heat faster and better than other radiator cover materials.

A wooden radiator covers are common at homes. They are divided into the traditional wooden covers and the contemporary wooden covers. Modern contemporary Wooden radiator covers generally have several features including modern clean line designs and a flush on the top and sides of the radiator cover. Traditional wooden radiator covers have decorative designs in which there are crown moulding pieces at the top and sides of the radiator. There are several other designs and customized wooden radiator covers designed for multi-purpose functioning.

For Your Safety, Use A Radiator Cover

Baseboard radiator covers are regarded as most people as unsightly and dangerous especially for underage crawling infants and kids because they might get cut injuries or even get the rusts from those baseboard radiator covers in their mouth. They need to be clean, greased and even changed periodically to prevent injuries at home  A rust inhibitor primer can be used to paint the baseboard radiator cover and allowed to dry to get additional coating and prevent injuries.

Custom radiator covers can be described as finely crafted radiator covers which are heat efficient and attractive in appearance. Some custom radiator covers are designed to direct heat towards a building enclosure especially during the winter. Some custom radiator covers also have air conditioning effects on the radiator especially when places within an enclosure during  hot seasons.

Custom radiator covers often come with grill work design and put on enclosures . They may come with metal decorators or hand-crafted designs.

Radiator covers are often expected to be treated properly, they need periodic maintenance system because they are susceptible to damages. Metal radiator covers in particular need several cleaning and lubrications so as to prevent them from getting rusty and being picked up and swallowed by kids. When Metal radiator covers get rusty they break up and the edges become sharp- this can result in severe injuries. Wooden radiator covers need to be polished periodically to prevent damages and they must be coated to prevent insect damages as well

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