Rais Denmark: The Fireplace Insert

Rais 60: The Modern Fireplace

If you have purchased your somewhat modern ranch with a fireplace or two, you might be disappointed in how traditional it shows in your home. Fireplaces in American homes often were constructed in a time when modern tastes weren't as popular. An internet search for fireplaces with the word "modern" as a keyword will turn out results that are anything but modern. Dig a little deeper, and you'll find a number of Danish (surprise, surprise) manufacturers that deliver on your search. One of these companies is Rais. Here is a small bit of background of Rais. 

Background on Rais

Rais, a former machine component fabricator, entered the wood-burning and fireplace market more than 35 years ago. Since that time, the employee count grew to over 90 and sales have risen at the same pace. Rais exports more than 90% of all products to other European countries, as well as state-side. The fireplace division is by far the most successful of the Rais offer, comprising over 40% of gross sales. Rais also produces fireplace accessories.

The Price

If you have a modern aesthetic, you already know that this taste comes with a price penalty. Rais of Denmark is no different. Although a good deal of the price premium is made up in export costs, you can expect to pay well over $4000 for the Rais 60, and perhaps more for any added luxury options and accessories. Keep in mind that this pricing is for the equipment only. Unless you are certified in HVAC, installation will be required by a professional. Installation costs vary by location, but expect around $2000 to install with the necessary venting equipment around the fireplace. Compare this cost with a gas fireplace insert for about $1500 installed. Price is the predominant reason consumers opt for gas inserts in the US. In addition to the large price, inefficient wood burning fireplaces can create a smoky, dirty, and sometimes dangerous fumes.

The Alternatives

Looking for modern fireplace alternatives for danish imports can be a sad journey. It starts immediately with a compromise. Fully cope with this prior to continuing your search for a suitable modern fireplace state-side. As I stated before, gas inserts that are quite modern can be found at retailers such as FireplacesNow.com, Homeclick.com, or even your local Home Depot or Lowe's. You can still benefit from the warmth and visual elegance of a gas fireplace even though it's not a Rais. Another alternative for a Rais fireplace is a wood burning fireplace insert. However, I do wish you good luck trying to locate one with modern style.

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